[Query] Help With amazon Shipment


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Is there someone who has purchased Cases ,Cooling Kits etc or other such components from amazon.com
My doubt is have you been charged extra on arrival of your shipment by customs or is the final amount that you paid before confirming the order on their website the only transaction that you have made...
Or have your shipments been blocked until you have paid the necessary import duty???


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You will have to bear with the custom charges for glaringly conspicuous articles raising eyebrows unless they are marked as a gift. But the chances after marking as gift are slim too.


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i want the case to be shipped to Kerala
so my question is will it be shipped to my address as a courier, parcel etc and on receiving, it it would require me to pay import duty .

Or will it be shipped to India and then held up in a respective port/state awaiting my payment, and only after payment and other procedures will it be sent to my address

Anyone have any such previous experiences with amazon???
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