Training or Paid Internship

Hi. I'll have to go on my industrial training at the end of next semester. The college provides some offers for training but some seniors told you can also opt for paid internship. Now, the university provides only 45 days for the purpose the the minimum duration of a paid internship is 3 months. But that's not a big issue.

I want to know what is better from the two- industrial training or paid internship. What are the advantages of both? I'm more inclined more towards internship because a) I'll earn money, b) I'll get a better understanding of work environment and industry scenario. SO, what should I choose and is there any recommended place?


Geek in making
Well paid internship looks good. I would have chosen it for the same reasons that you have given.


Broken In
What field are you studying in? Paid internship would be a better choice simply because of the "hands-on" experience you will get. If you don't mind sharing, what companies are options for internship?


I'm currently pursuing bachelors degree in computer science. I don't know of many companies other than Microsoft Research ans one more whose name isn't coming up right now. I'll have to decide and finalize at the beginning of next semester as per university rules.
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