1. A

    Need 2.1 speakers within 4k

    I need the best 2.1 speakers within the budget of 4000 Rupees. I live in Bhubaneswar. Online shopping is also an option. Thanks.
  2. Z

    Aux-in in car audio

    I do not want to buy head-unit which can play FM , CD, USB etc. I just want Aux-in /line-in functionality so that I can play music from my IPod. Is there any option available which is considerably cheaper than regular head-units for the car?
  3. V

    System freezes/hangs in ~6 mins

    Hi, Recently I assembled a system AMD Phenom II X4 955BE Gigabyte 880GM-USB3 Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo using Arctic Silver 5 Corsair XMS3 2x2GB 1600MHz WD 1TB Green and 500GB XFX 8800GT 512MB Seasonic S12II 620W Kingston SSDNow V100 64GB NZXT Gamma Installation of windows 7 was...
  4. C

    Phone for around 20k

    I'm looking for a phone for my sister for around 20k. Right now, I feel my best option is Samsung Galaxy R. She doesn't have any particular necessities, so just the best phone for around 20k is what I'm looking for. Any recommendations?
  5. A

    Headphones required.. suggest !!

    I am planing to buy headphone for my computer. Total Budget : Rs. 450 --> Planing to but it from Croma (if no better option is available) since i hav Rs 200 discount coupon. Will be using while playing games. If possible .. i also need a Mic with it.. Currently i am using iball Rocky...
  6. J

    alternate option for fixing avi index?

    can anybody tell me the alternate option for fixing avi index which vlc player shows for a broken avi file....and it takes too much time for fixing it..:sad:
  7. 6Diablo9

    Blacklist option in your Cellphone.

    I started this thread to know how does Blacklist option in different phones work. For example : What happens when a blacklisted number gives you a call? What happens when a blacklisted numbers sends you an sms? Lastly do you use any applications to Blacklist any nos.? I use a Micromax...
  8. kushal.7

    looking for headphone under Rs. 1200

    Hi, I am looking for headphone under Rs. 1200. which headphone should i buy ? I don't want to buy these: Philips SHP2700 : I really like it but it doesn't have volume control. Sennheiser HD 201/202 : I just don't like these any good option in your mind ??
  9. M

    amd hd6450 ddr3

    dear frnds, I am goin to get amd hd 6450 dd3 1gb graphics card with dell pc. can any one tell whether its a good option for games like gta4, assassins creed brotherhood, crysis 2, modern wafare, nfs run, splintercell 2 etc.
  10. sanoob.tv

    3d in 9500 gt??

    im using xfx 9500 gt for the past 2 years,n im really happy with it. i was able to play all latest games including bf3,mw3,assasin creed revelations. when i updated my driver for gpu last week.i found a option to enable 3d in it. is it posible to play games in 3d using 9500 gt?? if yes which...
  11. S

    Linux recovering

    I installed ubuntu 11.04.first. But after that i installed win 7 ultimate 32 bit.so linux is removed from boot option so how to recover linux in bootin option such that linux and windows both appear in boot option.......pls help.......
  12. krishnandu.sarkar

    [SOLVED] Safely Remove Drive option in Win 7 64bit allowing to remove HDD

    Hey guys, just figured out that, under Safely Remove Drive, HDD is an option there. Isn't it odd?? Yet I didn't try to remove that. I'll do that and see what happens before shutting down today.
  13. abhijit_reddevil

    Can I upgrade from Windows 7 32 bit to windows 7 64 bit?

    Hi, Please tell me whether I can upgrade from Windows 7 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit without doing a clean install (just with the upgrade option). Thanks.
  14. Blue Ripazah

    help me choose a speaker system

    hi i want to buy a speaker system in the range of 2.5k to 3.5 k i hv short listed creative T6100 and T6160 cud any one tell me which is the better option and is there any other option other than these two speaker sets....
  15. S

    Unable to access Files - probable problem with partition?

    Hi, Today morning I was trying to increase the size of the partition using a particular software called partition magic. I got an error message and selected the option OK which was the only option available. After that I have lost 3 partitions (?) which don’t show up in my computer. I can see...
  16. guru_urug

    Should I buy xbox controller from dealextreme or homeshop18??

    My friend wants to buy wired xbox controller for PC by this coming monday. I checked previous threads and browsed through all the shopping sites. homeshop18.com seems to offer it at the lowest possible cost ie( Rs 1118/-) Then I checked Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Worldwide Free Shipping...
  17. soyab0007

    Speakers required under 1.5k

    I have shortlisted few speakers, would prefer to buy from flipkart or letsbuy Logitech Z313 Speaker Creative SBS A335 both are priced 1410rs at flipkart.com which one would be better in terms of quality, sound and performance?? or is there any other option..
  18. aroraanant

    Urgent help needed,buying sony vaio

    I was planning to order a vaio Sony VAIO E Series Laptop VPCEG25EN/W for my bro but before doing so I thought that I should ask TDF guys/experts(as I totally trust u guys) who can give me a better idea,I mean some review or anything. It is costing me 27k,I m thinking to go for the EMI option on...
  19. Prince Sinha

    How to prevent access to drives in Windows in XP for other users!!

    Probably, we can prevent access to the drives like A, B, C, and D using gpedit.msc. But there are also drives like E, F, G and so on. How can I prevent the access to the drives E and F or say any specified drives? Here in gpedit.msc, if we enable that option to prevent access to drives then it...
  20. R

    A Online Computer Hardware Store Supporting COD

    Hello, I want to buy some LED fans, I can only use the COD option. Are there any sites selling fans with the COD option available all over India? Thanks
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