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    Interested in netbook

    Can you provide CPuz

    What will be your final price shipped to Mumbai?
    Sure bro here are the screenshots :-




    and bro as far as final price is concerned you know that the shipping is free and i posted 5k so i will be happy to get that but if you have an offer you can also give me that will think on it :)

    Bro sorry for sending so many sent messages are not visible so want to make sure u getting my message :)
    where are you located . One more request can you post another pic of cellphone nokia x2 ( both side ) only with nothing in background.
    As i mentioned i m selling off my precious gadgets and saving up to buy a Galaxy S. So no exchanges :)
    please soyab !! send me an invitation !!!!!!
    send me invite for lockerz !!

    I will buy your e61i if it is still for sale. call me on 09930027876 asap. need it urgently
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