1. C

    portable esata and usb 2/3 hdd

    I am looking for a portable esata and usb 2/3 hdd. But I dont seem to find one. The only option I see is to purchase seagate freeagent and pay 2000 bucks for the esata cable which seems quite expensive. Any other option?
  2. digibrush

    2 Question about ext HDD !

    Hello guys, recently(24/9/2011) I purchased 1 TB Seagate External Drive with power adapter. Is it safe to place my ext hdd beside crt monitor or top of big speaker while power on? data on ext hdd which i need very frequently...So which is better option, frequently power on and off or...
  3. Ayuclack

    Need help in buying a 18.5" monitor

    Help guys i need to buy a good 18.5" monitor with in 5.5k and would buy it very soon.. I am thinking to get Acer s191hql Monitor which cost me 4.7 k here ...are there any other option available... I need advi port on the monitor and better if it is led backlit. 35 views and no answer??
  4. reniarahim1

    AMD Budget Rig Config Reqd

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Mainly as a media PC. To watch High Definition (1080p) movies. 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving...
  5. Blue Ripazah

    flash player problems

    hi guys i need help regarding adobe flash player im not able to play zynga poker properly as im not able to clik on the sit option or any option like profile etc.................i tried to re install it by many different ways but nothing improved ..........but i m able to play it on any other pc...
  6. M

    [Solved] Hd 5770 hangs on OC in CoD Black Ops

    Hi i recently tried to overclock HD 5770 at full limit. Here are my spec Intel e5800@3.2ghz 4gb ddr2 800 mhz kingston 80gig HD SATA ASUS g41 COMBO. SAPPHIRE HD 5770 1gb ddr5 vram I had only option is to restart the pc. I tried setting fan to 100 percentage still not luck is that the procy is...
  7. H

    Samsung C5212 Vibration alert

    how can i turn on vibration in Samsung c5212. i am not able to find any option anywhere in phone. Thanks in advancec
  8. M

    Keep AMD or jump to Intel?

    I have the config as shown in my siggy. Recently a friend of mine has shown interest in buying a computer (mid-range) and he has offered me to to take my mobo-RAM-proccy for decent price. I have limited upgradation budget and hence was looking for these options: 1. Sell MoBo-Proccy-RAM and...
  9. gameranand

    Changing Primary Email ID everywhere

    Guys I have registered to many sites using my current email ID. Is there anyway to change all of them to my new ID in one go ??? Are you sure that every site has option to change the primary email ID of account ????
  10. M

    lost my data....

    i updated my ipod touch software version (4.2) after installation of updates i saw that i lost my all data( videos,photos etc..) how to recover all that??? i tried recovery option but it dosent work ....
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Advanced boot option not appearing

    Hi, I have just upgraded to windows 7 last week.The problem is when I am trying to hit F8 button and get into advanced boot options.I tried holding it down instead of repeatedly pressing it too ..tried everything possible, All the time only a screen appears that give me the option to select...
  12. xtremevicky

    Website with EMI option except Ebay !

    I am looking to buy Seagate 2TB external 3.5 Inch. Any websites which offer EMI option on Credit cards .
  13. D

    Help needed!! A phone around 15000

    hey, i needed a phone below 15000 and am getting motodefy for abt 14500.. can anyone plz tell if i shoud go about it.. or is there a better option?????
  14. H

    using wamp server

    i am using wamp server.what if i select the "put online" option?and what i can i do if i select that option?
  15. D

    Best gprs usb modem

    need unlocked gprs modem for low price under 2000 which one is the best available for this option
  16. comp@ddict

    Regarding NIT Delhi

    Heard about this, also heard it's functioning from Warangal Campus as of now. Is it a good option? Is it worth it? Will the placements be any good since this is the 2nd year only?
  17. soumo27

    Pen drive does not boot

    I mounted an ISO of Ubuntu 11.04 on my pen drive via:- Universal USB Installer. But during startup, I am getting no option to boot from the USB. What can be the problem? I have selected the "boot from removable devices" in the BIOS' Boot devices priority as the 3rd option... :|
  18. S

    Which is better - for inside if or if inside for

    Hi, I am doing some coding in .NET in which there is a set of commands that I have to execute either once or twice (second time with slight changes) depending on user input. So, I want to know which is most efficient - Option 1. For() command 1 if (twice) command 2 End loop Option...
  19. ajayritik

    Need suggestions on power back up during power cut for light and fan

    In our part we have quite frequent power cuts and now specially since rainy season round the corner. I need to decide whether I should go for an inverter. My main requirement is to have three lights and a fan running for not more than 1-2 hours. One of my friend suggested that there is an...
  20. A

    Dell U2311H in Kolkata

    Hi All, I want to buy Dell U2311H in Kolkata, I am getting rate of 17K & delivery after one week of payment. many have posted here that they bought it for around 14K, is it worth to shell out 3K premium? Will buying it online be a good option? What about service if needed in Kolkata? Can...
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