1. aroraanant

    Which is the best tablet available

    I m planning to gift my bro a tablet in week or so(though I can wait if something good is going to launch soon). A dual core processor,10" screen and good battery back-up(10hrs or so) is a must. ipad 2 16GB Wi-Fi+3G version(as the normal version doesn't even have a GPS) seems to me to best...
  2. dead.night7

    Should Digit give COD as one payment option???

    I know that many on this forum including me may not have their creditcards or debit cards to make an online purchase. I've been purchasing Books from many online sites by the option for cash on delivery. And yet they give our courier fully protected. Now whenever I get tempted to purchase Digit...
  3. Rollercoaster

    Upgrade Advice? AMD X2 4400+ / Asus M2N-SLI / 8800GT to Core i7 / GTX 560 Ti

    Hi all, I build my last system 4 years ago and it has served me well for a lot of time but now it has become the "minimum requirements" of the latest games! My Current setup is: AMD X2 4400+ Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Nvidia 8800GT 2GB RAM (2 sticks) HDD x 3 (1TB + 2x160GB RAID0) Corsair TX650W PSU...
  4. @

    MS and after engg. education options...

    Guys I want to know what are my after engineering options. Currently I am studying engineering, Comp Science. I am not interested in MBA and also in job. So what are my after engineering education options ? Mtech in IIT would be my last option. Searching for other alternatives. How about...
  5. Tech.Masti

    Suggest Good anti-keylogger software.....

    i need to know about some good anti-keylogger software, if there is some good free option, also inform about them.... thanx in advance
  6. H

    Bluetooth Headsets...

    Can anyone tell the price of Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headsets BH 503? Is there any other option available in this range and performance??
  7. soumo27

    Problematic Ubuntu 10.10 setup = Loss of Disk Space.

    I was installing Ubuntu 10.10 from a DVD yesterday. But the setup had some problems/ DVD might have been corrupted. So the setup was running infinitely. Hence, I was forced to restart the machine(setup was incomplete that time). I was installing Ubuntu with the option of(Install Ubuntu along...
  8. justme101

    cant use recovery console in xp sp3

    :x my computer keeps rebooting...i shows the xp loading screen and then the blue screen(BSOD) just flashes and it restarts again. i browsed around to find a solution and most of them used the recovery console from the xp setup disc. Now i m using xp sp3, so i put the disc in ,boot from it...
  9. T

    Samsung S8530 Wave II Or The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

    Hey guys, I am considering to buy new Smartphone, My budget is around 11k to 15K, i can extend 2K more if i found best worth. I found two phone from same brand one is The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and on other hand The Samsung S8530 Wave II, They both are fit in my budget and having good look, i...
  10. nisargshah95

    How to boot Backtrack into GUI

    [SOLVED] How to boot Backtrack into GUI Hi guys, I'm using Ubuntu for a while and pretty familiar with linux. I burned a copy of backtrack into DVD and then ran it as a live CD. Every time I choose an option from the menu of live CD, it always leads me to the terminal. Can anyone tell me how do...
  11. Ronnie11

    Logitech x506 vs Logitech z506???

    Hey guys.i am a little confused as to which one to pick since they are priced quite closely,i heard the z model is the recent one...can anyone here help me pick up a speaker whichever is the best option..need to buy by tomorrow...
  12. D

    problem with installing linux

    I was trying to install ubuntu. It was installed properly. Just after installing when I restart the machine there was no option to select ubnutu. Please give some suggestion .
  13. Charley

    Samsung Kies to connect to the Internet

    Has anyone tried connecting Samsung Kies to connect to the Internet using the Tethering option via data cable ?
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