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  1. S

    play videos through LCD tv

    Hello Guys... I have a LCd tv (Full HD) with HDMI port, a Sony Home theater system which can play only AVI file with codec divx AND XVID. Also I have lots of movie in my 1TB external hdd formatted with NTFS. among these movies, videos there are many type file system with numerous codec. so i am...
  2. sandynator

    Cowon D2 Plus OR Cowon C2 OR Sandisk Sansa Fuze+

    I'm in gr8 dilemma to choose between the above mentioned mp3 players. Having personal experience with Cowon e2 the choice will be in between 2 cowons only i.e. D2 plus OR C2. Guys please let me know the exact difference between Cowon D2 plus & C2. I read that c2 has Jet Effects 3 39 eq...
  3. ashis_lakra

    ICICI Fixed Deposit queries

    Hey Guys, Does ICICI offer EMI facility on Instant Credit card available against Fixed deposit ? I wish to use it on ebay / flipkart EMI option. Let me know if its possible.
  4. bajaj151

    Is it possible to boot gparted disc from HDD ?

    I have Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 installed on my PC.I want to add one more option in the boot menu (Gparted) Is it possible to add Gaparted Disc option as well, so that when I want to run this, I just have to select option and it runs without inserting CD. (Just like Recovery button in...
  5. A

    Start "secure socket tunneling protocol service"

    Hi when I try to connect to the internet in my BSNL 3G data card, nothing happens except for the connection option changes to disconnect option. If I click disconnect, it says disconnecting but never disconnects. I tried to directly connect using 3G modem option which gives an error...
  6. Soumik

    New Micro 4/3 lens suggestion

    Hi All, I have a Olympus Pen Mini (EPM 1), and i also have 2 lens' for it. The 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 lens and the 40-150mm f4-5.6. I want to get a prime lens which will give me better color, better bouquet, and should be considerably faster than my kit lenses. In my camera, ISO more than 800...
  7. ramakanta

    Hibernate option

    I have Win7 OS install in my pc. but it has no hibernate option . please help me how to active and show up Hibernate option right side of shut down buttom . please help me. thank you. :|
  8. warfreak

    Need a Cabinet under 450mm in hieght

    One of my friend needs to buy a new PC. I suggested a new config. Only problem is, I was looking for CM 431 Elite Plus but that was not available anywhere in Lamington road. My friend has a computer tray but the height of the CPU rack is only half a meter. So the maximum height of the cabinet...
  9. V

    Laptop purchase @ 80k

    My budget - Rs. 80,000 Use : General use, mild to high end gaming. Brands I do not like : HP, lenovo. I have owned them both in the past, and heating issues in both of these put me off. Preferred Brands: Asus (K55VM or N55SL) or Dell(XPS). Additional: Do the so-called claims of...
  10. RON28

    how to install windows xp sp3 on windows 7?

    i have a legit copy of windows 7 installed...but i also want to install windows xp sp3 on it...my friend gave me xp sp3 on a pen drive...but when i doubled clicked on exe file...a medium sized window appeared where there was a option to install WINDOWS XP...but it was grayed out...any one knows...
  11. D

    Graphic Card Around 6k

    Guys,i need to buy a good graphics card... i want to play all the latest games with moderate settings.... what all option do i have??? plz Help me Out!!!!
  12. C

    Amd 8120 vs i5 2400

    SO MY question is up sorry if my replies r slow as i m a newbie and my posts first need to be approved. so pls continue on discussion or if it is already there send me a link my concern is if 8120 is better than 2400 as i m budget tight. is it really worth or a better choice ?.heating...
  13. patkim

    Static IP option in router

    Wish to know if Static IP option in router config has any actual effect if ISP assigns Dynamic IP. I put one in my dlink router & it got assigned to the router upon save & reboot! Normally is this value overridden by ISP or would it result in conflict some day? I choose one from a range I...
  14. omega44-xt

    Software needed

    I want a software(app) to monitor specifically which app is using my internet connection(also at what rate). I would be better if it has an option to close the unnecessary app.
  15. Revolution

    Any Option For Long Term Suspension Or Intermittent Use For DTH ?

    I'm thinking to get any DTH(D2H/Tata Sky etc) soon or later for my 2nd CRT TV. But I planning to run it for about 4 to 6 months in a year. Is there a long term suspension option available for DTH ? If YES, what would the cost for that ? Also, if I simply stop recharging my account, what...
  16. N

    Totally confused.. Panasonic TZ25 or Sony HX9V

    hi.. i need a mega zoom company camera for myself. Budget is strictly below Rs. 15000. Plz suggest the budget option between the two or any other model.
  17. rahul_c

    µTorrent Parameters

    I've a old computer with broadband which I use for downloading torrents. Whenever I restart that computer, the state of torrent changes from 'downloading' or 'queue' to ERROR. I've to force them to re-check and restart again. This is time wasting, so I've figured out a feature under...
  18. Revolution

    Any Career Option Or job Opportunity For ITI(not IIT) Passed Electrician ?

    I want to know if there is any good career option or job opportunity for a poor person who has passed ITI(Electrician) ? Also graduate in BA(Calcutta University) and computer literate(basic knowledge in PC HW and Network). Thanks!
  19. B

    Portable Speakers

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a portable speaker system for using with my android phone please suggest a very cheap option
  20. clerkman1612

    Want a new Mobile under Rs 9000 Budget?

    Guys:-D Following is list of my answer for questionaire provided in Digit Forum Site:- 1) Budget :- Strictly Under Rs 9000 2)Display Type n Size :- TFT n 3" 3)Form Factor :- TouchScreen 4)Prefferred Choice of Brand :- First is Samsung n Second is Nokia 5)Prefferred Input Method :- Touch...
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