1. rhitwick

    WIN 10 context menu query

    Hi, is it possible to add an option to search in 'IMDB' on the context menu. What I want? I've folders with movie names, I want to right click on the folder and want an option in the context menu of search in IMDB. Is it possible?
  2. Dr. House

    Best 50" 4K Television Set

    I am looking to purchase a 4K TV 48-50" this Holi for price budget as less as possible (around 70k) but it should have the great quality and 3 years warranty option. I will get PS4 pro for gaming as well, already have Panasonic music system to attach on.
  3. D

    Required bluetooth earbuds

    Hi all, I require a set of wireless headsets around Rs 5000. The main purpose of the earbuds is for wireless calling, music us secondary(I will have a second post for this), please can you guys suggest some decent wireless headsets that have a good call quality and, if I have to listen to...
  4. doomgiver

    General Query Why are online stores asking me to pay before dispatch? Where is CoD option???

    theITWares, primeAGB, ITDepot all ask for payment first and THEN they will send the items. where is the option for cash on delivery/payment on delivery?? after reading a couple of horror stories here, im considering giving the middle finger to these online retailers and simply buying what i...
  5. JamesTryForYou

    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    Hi everyone, I broke my 2months old one plus 3's screen recently. Worst part is that I'd no knowledge of claiming the insurance which we have to activate manually within 30days of purchase. Now I'm stuck with a broken screen with my only option to repair it under a cost of 8K. I guess...
  6. aroraanant

    Need urgent advice

    1. Budget? 10-15k, but there is no fixed budget 2. Display type and size? 5" or + 3. Dual sim? Not required 4. Preferred choice of brand? Samsung 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Camera should be decent, not very high end but should be good 6. Preferred...
  7. G


    im buying one plus 3 .....any other better option than OP3.....or any upcoming phones in September......OR OP3 only best option........REPLY FAST !! TY
  8. D

    Seeking Advice for Monitor under 10K

    Hi Guys, I have assembled a casual multimedia rig, the specs of which are following Processor - i3 6100 Mobo - Gigabyte B150M D3H Storage - WD Blue 1 TB Ram - Avexir 8GB DDR4 GPU - Gainward GTX 1060 PSU - Corsair VS 550 Cabinet - Antec GX 505 But i am stuck with the Monitor...
  9. kool

    How to deactivate FACEBOOK more than 7 days ? :(

    Hi guys, I am wasting too much time on facebook, I want to deactivate for more than 7 Days (till diwali), but now there is no such option. :( It gets reactivated after 7 days, what If I use other option to deactivate , will it delete my account permanently ? At present i have deactivated...
  10. patkim

    Does IDM auto resume broken download?

    I have tried Internet Download Manager (IDM)app. It’s good and stable but I notice that it does not auto resume broken downloads in case it happens mostly when the internet connectivity is lost for some time just in case. In such a case I have to manually resume the download. Is this expected...
  11. mitraark

    D2H with daily recharge option

    Need a D2H connection which will be at my home in Kolkata, I only stay there for a couple of days in a month, need to watch Sports ( including HD if possible ) channels there then. Saw that Tata Sky had such an option, but very less information is given on the site or anywhere. I have a...
  12. H2O

    Best Mobile Under 12k

    Hello Everyone. I am looking to get a mobile under 12k. Please suggest which would be the best option. 1. Budget? Under 12k. 2. Display type and size? Full HD 5.5" screen. 3. Dual sim? Not a necessity. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Ok with all brands, really. 5. What...
  13. A

    Best Portable 2TB Hard Drive.

    I've been using Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB since June last year, and I'm happy with its performance. But now I have to get another one of the same capacity. Which is the best option available in the market? Consider cost per GB, read/write speed, portability, compatibility and other criteria.
  14. K

    Pen drive options

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows7 Ultimate. Whenever I insert my pen drive, a dialogue box opens and asks some options to choose from. Out of which, there is an option as “USE THIS DRIVE FOR BACK UP”. I clicked this option by accident and it started backing up and then I click on the tap for...
  15. B

    Sort files number wise

    Hi Guys, How to sort some excel files in ascending or descending order? I am not able to find any option in Choose Details thing. What should I do? *oi63.tinypic.com/21kcyvm.jpg Thanks
  16. B

    Need help with Win 10

    Hi Guys, My cousin got a new Win 10 laptop yesterday. We need your help with few issues- 1. We have two old pc's at home, one is running Win XP SP2 and the other one is running Win 7 Ultimate. The first one is connected to the internet via lan cable and the other one via wifi. Is it...
  17. A

    Which laptop should i buy?

    Hey guys i have decided to get a new laptop and now I have finally got two lenovo laptops in mind. I need an opinion on which of these 2 laptop should i buy : Option 1 : 80L000HLIN Lenovo G50-80 Notebook (80L000HLIN) (4th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm (15.6)- DOS- 2GB...
  18. dharmil007

    Processor Replacement (Core 2 Duo or AMD A4)

    Hi, My System Config as follows : AMD Phenom X6 1055T 2.8GHz MSI 760GM P33 MotherBoard 1TB HDD WDC 6GB Kingston RAM Antec 450W SMPS I want to replace my processor &/or MotherBoard, as processor is faulty My Budget is strictly 3000. Not more then that. As I have researched I have 2 options...
  19. K

    Urgent Help Required (WIndows 10 has entered into Restarting Loop)

    Dear Friends I recently tried updating the latest update of Windows 10 on my HP 2000 laptop, but now it has entered into restarting loop and i dont have any restore option nor its taking backup through troubleshoot option, now i want take the backup of my data as i have only one partition...
  20. B

    Youtube video settings

    Hi Guys, I updated my Firefox to the latest version 41.0.1. Now when I watch videos on Youtube, the video qualities that I can see are Auto and 360p. There is no option to view the videos in 240p format, which I really need as I have a slow connection. I selected, I have a slow connection...
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