1. A

    Best Speaker/Music System/Home thearer in and around 10k

    2.1 or 5.1 doesn't matter, sound reproduction should be good. Main usage is going to be Music, occasional Movies and Gaming. Computer Speaker system or Home theater, doesn't matter, but if its a home theater then it should have option to connect to a pc. Would love to have remote, but not...
  2. A

    Question about Career as Software Engg

    He lo I am Ashish and I have passed 10+2 this year with 85% in PCM. I just wanted to ask that Software Engg. is good career option through B.Tech and can it link for the profession in Game Developers. Plz suggest me the colleges and more Information about the option also. :-) 8-)
  3. sentacy

    Need advice on buying new cellphone

    Hi friends, I was using Micromax A70 before but it got touch problems so now i want to buy a new phone. Please suggest any good option as per the following: 1) Android OS 2) Good camera{720P is must) 3) Good RAM management(min 512Mb) 4) Good battery backup 5) Strictly under 10K(Can...
  4. MegaMind

    sony xperia p worth it?

    hai guys.. Friend of mine is in need of good smart phone below 15k. Xperia p is available on Ebay for 14500 with one year seller warrenty. Is it worth? or any other better option
  5. rhitwick

    Please suggest a mobile

    Guys, enough is enough...my Samsung Galaxy S is dying and I don't know when it'll just leave me. Liked this phone very much but its time to move on. Recommend me a mobile. I'm open to all kind of suggestions (well, not all though, excluding any iOS device, no question on this would answered)...
  6. GhorMaanas

    Touchscreen phone under 6k - Nokia 501?

    Hello everyone! i need to buy a touchscreen phone for my father. he's been using a Galaxy S551 since 2 years, which i will be selling off. main criteria for the phone is: - should have bigger or wider display, as in, for reading text and browsing through. - will be needed for emails, and...
  7. H

    Galaxy s advance.should i buy?

    Planning to buy it...but the camera doesn't have a zoom option..any app that i can use to zoom&take clear pics?
  8. harshilsharma63

    Webistes with EMI option

    Hi. My friend wants to purchase a PC. He convinced his mom by Flipkart's EMI option, but many parts aren't available on FK. SO, what are the other sites which have EMI option?
  9. H

    Do you like QTEs in games?

    Quick Time Events or QTEs for short are on screen prompts for a user to enter a certain button quickly so that the character executes an action. The options are: Yes - Self explanatory Yes, but only if they are optional and make your character do something more awesome/help the character...
  10. A

    LG Optimus L9 P765 Sound issue

    Made a recent purchase of this phone through an online store. While trying to play mp3s, movie files or games, im noticing that the audio levels, even at maximum volume, through the loudspeaker are remarkably low.However, the inbuilt ringtones etc play at perfect volumes. I have looked through...
  11. sandyss

    Custom Thumbnails on youtube

    Is Custom Thumbnails on youtube a free option or is it a paid option. recently i uploaded a video but im not able to give it a custom thumbnail!and it says that my account doesnt support that feature at the moment(int the " account settings" tab).:-( How can i overcome this problem?Pls tell...
  12. I

    1080p for Gaming with TV, 65k budget

    Hi, Planning to buy a Gaming rig with these requirements: 1. Want to do Gaming by connecting it to my TV or Projector. 2. Since these are both 1080p/60Hz or so, I'd like to play all Games at 1080p with high/v.high settings at atleast >30 FPS. 3. Since I'm not going to be changing either...
  13. ramakanta

    Push Messages

    In my Samsung mobile there is option in Message->setting-> Push messages . what is the function of this option. In the sub-menu of this option- Received option : ON/OFF Serivice Loding : Always/ Prompt/Never please help me !!!!
  14. bkpeerless

    Which specialization to choolse in MBA

    I have to choose a specialization for second year for my mba program. My first option is Marketing and Information System My second option is Marketing and HR I cant choose finance because I am an engineer and this finance thing dont get in my head at all. Plz suggest. I also want to...
  15. A

    Branded (non-touchscreen) phone around 10k

    Hi Guys, i need to buy a phone in the budget of 10k for my dad. Issue is, he hates touch screens and wont use it. so i am left out with options of QWERTY or Normal keypad phones. He only uses phone for calls and sms. As he is a businessman, so i need something that looks costly and is branded...
  16. ithehappy

    Help me to find back a sound boosting setting please..

    Well I formatted my desktop last week after a long time and installed a fresh Win 7 x64, but I am not finding something. My headphone is a Sony XB300 one, and it's an awesome unit but the sound output is low, somewhat, and I don't like it especially when I watch movies. So I found an option to...
  17. Ironman

    LG or ASUS ??

    I need a IPS LED Passive 3D Monitor I am Stuck Between LG D2343P & ASUS VG23AH i have some Questions: 1.which one will be a good option ? 2. Can the LG D2343P be overclocked to perform in 70+ Hz ?? like the ASUS ? any one ............. youooooo hooo...
  18. Ironman

    Which Graphics Card ?

    I should be using Monitor ASUS VG23AH i selected 7950 (7970 too expensive for me) So Acc to many here Sapphire is v.good but which one? BTW: i am not ruling out other Brands If you have a Good Option Just Tell me !:mrgreen:
  19. A

    ADSL Router with External Storage Connection Option

    Hello, I am looking for a ADSL Modem + Router with the USB port option to connect the external hard drive or pen drive.. Is there any ADSL Router available with these features for price range of 2500 to max 3000 rupees? Thank you, Regards, Akshara
  20. D

    Option to keep 3G(UMTS) as prefereed network and not the HSDPA/HSPA+ ?

    Do we have an option in android to select 3G(UMTS) as preferred option to connect. I am aware of 3G preferred setting in android but that always moves to HSDPA network which is high speed network no doubt, but drains battery. I want to select 3G UMTS network(for which max speed is 384kbps...
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