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  1. S

    Automatic Enter

    Sorry for the topic, cudnt think of anything else. Ok i want to start my MTNL triB connection(broadband) automatically, otherwise i have to open FF, open and then press enter. Is there anyway i can automate this process?? I already know this: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla...
  2. nix

    24Online client automatically opens a homepage

    as you know already...whenever i connect to internet thru the 24Online client [elitecore], i get a message saying-You are now logged in. and then immediately a new IE window opens automatically with softwarepatch homepage. this is so annoying as I don't use IE. Is ther anyway to stop that IE...
  3. S

    ms word shuts down automatically ...

    Hi, I have ms office xp. Every thing was allright untilll yesterday. My ms word documents shut down all of a sudden when i am working on them. Moreover some times the dont start atall. The licence screen is shown and then nothing opens or ms word window opens and dissapers after a second. Is...
  4. M

    GPRS Sites

    hi guys Can you tell me some GPRS sites where i can download free wallpapers and ringtones. I am using BSNL GPRS. I am unable to open Hotmail.com on it . The sign in page opens but after typing user name and password and clicking ok nothing happens. i am using NOKIA 3120.
  5. P

    internet explorer problem

    i am using microsoft internet explorer. problem is that my explorer automatically opens with www.ewizard.cc.cn if i am not online explorer opens 44 to 53 sites of the same. i have already deleted the internet history files, but of no use. plz help.
  6. E

    Fed up with Mediatickets

    Hi My system is infected with the Adware/Spyware called 'Mediatickets'. I tried removing it using various tools but no luck so far. It has slowed down my systems performance and everytime i connect to internet, a page opens automatically for mediatickets.com... Can somebody suggest a...
  7. F

    help needed..........

    there is a file named IPH.PH in my C:.... whats this?....:shock: and what is the purpose of Dr Watson.... in windows:shock: and while i am clicking the "Play all" from Music tasks in the folder where i hav stored my songs... the Move items dialog box opens: after cancelling Copy items...
  8. G

    Uninstallation Problem

    Hi, I have a peculiar problem.My PC config is this. AMD Athlon 64 3200+(winchestor core) Win Xp Pro 512 Mb DDR Asrock k8 combo z mobo AVG free edition(updated to 25 may) 80 GB seagate Everything is working fine except these few issues.please help me to solve this. I have audio...
  9. Charley

    SpywareBlaster prob & Abnormal changes on desktop

    I installed the Spyware blaster softie and now it says that it will not open as there are bad sectors or viruses .... I tried the same in Safe Mode, problem persists. Another problem is when the desktop loads a pop up opens [twice] with "Atiupdpl", performed an illegal operation, close it...
  10. D

    IE adult site opens

    whenever i start my IE the site "adultfriendfinder" opens automatically what to do pls help
  11. R

    IE Problem

    When I recently formatted my PC I installed many apps after that (OBVIOUSLY :wink: ) But the problem is that when I fire up the IE, at first there comes up a dialog box asking whether my PC is infected by spyware or not and then when I click on the NO button, (or YES either), a new page...
  12. D


    hi whenever i go to any site such as rediffmail.com or http://irctc.co.in/ etc i am unable to see the popup which is opened. some pop up opens but some donot open . i had spybot but i uninstalled it thinking that to be the problem but still the pop up does not open. when i click any link i get...
  13. G

    opera problem

    Whenever I start opera to surf the net a porn site automatically opens in internet explorer. How do I get rid of this?
  14. ax3

    License 4 movie file ! ! !

    have downloaded Batman begin trailer ... bt cannot view it ... as it asks me 2 download some license file ... so when i double click on the file, it needs 2 b online ... 4 that license file 2 b downloaded ... bt when online ... Licence acquisition window opens up & nothing happens ...
  15. P


    Whenever I surf the internet a virus is found on PC.The name of the virus is Download.Trojan . Where can I get more info on it?? Secondly,whenever I m connected 2 internet..Simultaneously 2 inetrnet explorer window automatically opens up.I don't open them as I use Opera 2 browse net. Plz. help!!
  16. Official Techie


    I have norton updated, spybot search and destroy zonealarm But from past few day when I open internet explorer a window opens of www.oldgames.se i have searched for virus spyware all but could not get anything automatically a window opens with add www.scmg.net/banner.aspx tell me how...
  17. tweety_bird_bunny

    voice command???

    is there any software through which i can give voice commands to my pc.. like if i say "nero" in the mic , nero opens up...???
  18. rajat22

    System information in XP

    Sytem information refuses to open in my system. Whichever route I take Helpfile opens. XP Home Edition with SP 2. Help please
  19. sujithtom

    Browser Bugs!!

    I have a problem.. I installed Opera in my XP then uninstalled it and installed Firefox. I installed it also but the problem is that every htm & Html files have a dos-program icon. It opens in IE anyway. How can I change the icon. I tried to change it from 'Folder Options' but didn't work. Any...
  20. N

    How can i ...........

    plz can any1 tell me how can i add "Copy To" & "Move To" in the context menu that opens when i rite click a file ???
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