1. ajayritik

    Need a decent mouse

    Off late my mouse is not working properly. whenever I do single click it ends up getting double clicked. Also when I try to open a link by right clicking and open in new window or tab it opens that page in same window. Also if I try to select one or two items from list of items using ctrl and...
  2. R

    Word file opens in PDF

    hey there i recently found out on my friends pc that when i try to open a word file from my USB it opens in PDF. But the file is a word file. Same file opens in word in my PC. I want to know how can i open my word file in pdf without converting it( manually)?
  3. G

    no audio!!

    Intel inspiron laptop withand OS windows 8 does'nt play audio its always muted,when i try to unmute it opens troubleshooter dont know wat to do pls help:cry:
  4. stellar

    FireFox Page won't Load

    Having sort of problems in Firefox.Sometimes page won't load at all.Some sites won't load at all and even Gmail also sometimes.But in other browser it opens easily.Any suggestion why this is happening?
  5. R

    BSNL Broadband keeps getting disconnected.

    As the title suggests, my broadband keeps getting disconnected almost every 5-15 minutes. My SNR values are always hovering between 7-8 to 12.5 max. attentuation is always almost above 38. This has been happening since yesterday 4 pm and hasn't stopped. I ran the diagnostics test and here...
  6. U

    dvd reader problem

    first of all my dvd reader tray does'nt opens and to open it i have to bang on it two times when opens i place a dvd on it and close it . it goes in and comes out .i have to push it in sevral times then it reads the dvd how can i solve this problem thanks in advance
  7. ajooba215

    how can i link a website to my blog????

    hi people, i run a blog on blogspot and i wanto direct my traffic to a website. How can i link a website through my blog? so when some1 opens my blog, the website linked gets automatically opened
  8. gurujee

    Programme responds lately in XP

    Hi Recently I gave my 4 year old acer laptop to service center for servicing. after that i am facing a problem like after booting some programs taking a long time to open. If i opens firefox, sometimes it takes 5-10mins to open. during that many programs responds similarly. And after some...
  9. hjpotter92

    PHP + JavaScript PopUp Windows

    On my page, the following function has been created: <SCRIPT language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function popModData( modName ) { var url = "./modList.php?mod=" + modName; newWindow = url, modName...
  10. K

    asking for crack of pc game

    I just want to ask you that can you provide me the crack of prison break the conspiracy for pc. I had downloaded many .torrent files but after downloading the files it opens up with the trozan virus file named as dvm.dll
  11. mohityadavx

    Html open in new tab code

    Hi! I have a query I am using this code to open links in new tab:- <a href="10 imp things.html" title="10 Important Things To Be Done" target="_new"></a> Now I am facing a problem with this which is :- When I open a link it opens a new tab but if I go back to original window from...
  12. mohityadavx

    Facebook page redirect to welcome

    Well I have made a page here and whenever anyone search it the wall tab opens but what i want is that whenever someone search this page the welcome tab opens which is here. Please tell me how to do so?
  13. socrates

    Wikipedia opens office in India, its first outside the U.S

    Technoholik : Wikipedia opens office in India, its first outside the U.S
  14. gameranand

    Weird Opera Problem

    Guys I am facing a very weird problem with Opera Browser. Some of the sites are not opening as they should be See the images below to get the idea. I have already tried to reinstall Opera but no use please help. Here is how thepiratebay opens And here is how gamespot opens
  15. Harivel

    Windows 7 |Shortcuts|

    Guys,You just have to know them,few people memorize keyboard shortcuts for everything. But concentrate a while on the shortcuts for areas of Windows 7 that you use the most, and you're likely to find a few that are so useful that you'll remember them quickly. you can create a new folder...
  16. avtarkaint

    i cant open site

    friends i have problem i cant open site in my pc i have tried in mozilla firefox and internet explore but it didnt opens at all please solve my problem , rest site i can open with ease. with regards
  17. S

    Some Fun with Firefox

    Copy the links and paste in the address bar of Firefox chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul IT SHOWS Dancing Firefox. chrome://browser/content/browser.xul IT Opens another Firefox inside a tab in the the existing Firefox window. chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul...
  18. K

    Problems in opening Drive Folders

    Hi, Could you please help me to sort out the problem that after clicking of any of Drive icons i.e., C, D, E or F in 'My Computer' page, it doesn't open instead 'Open with' window opens asking to open with which program. Before this, I'd downloaded a office software in my office pc. Please...
  19. N

    Msconfig Problem

    i am facing a problem vid run command "MSCONFIG" .when i type this command notepad opens...???:confused:what to do>???
  20. cooldudie3

    javac.exe automatically closing

    I am new to Java and I have downloaded the Java SE 6 SDK. I have finished programming my program but I run javac.exe, it doesn't work. :(It opens, but after a second the command prompt window closes. I try many times but still does not work. Then I try to drag the .java file to the...
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