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Spywares and Their Fixes.........Spybot and Ad ware aint GOD

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Ambassador of Buzz
:eek: I have a spyware(looks like one)called NAUPOINT bar and it pops up evry time IE 6 opens up
really bugging me
ADWARE and SPYBOT arent helping ....
ANY ideas??


Slideshow Bob
Go to Windows/Downloaded Program Files/ and view th properties of th Active-X controls installed. Delete th one whose properties list th source as www.naupoint.com. Start regedit and search for 'naupoint' and manually delete all entries related to it. Be sure to backup ur registry before attempting this.


Hey Kl@w ! i am facin' a similar kinda prblm. whenever i search, a "Side Find" window opens which shows links related to wat i searched for. there's no entry to remove it in the add/remove programs. Wat shud i do ???????????
P.S. - whenever i run regedit and search thru internet explorer menu, i find some keys named SideFind.
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