1. Thetrueblueviking

    HELP - HTC one no internet access

    The other day, I did an Aircel topup of 98 INR which supposedly offers 1gb data usage for a month but I havent been able to access the net since. I can access the net via wi fi. This is my first time on aircel 2g/3g. I have a HTC one. When I turn on the mobile data it says - disconnected...
  2. F

    Need a Good Net Plan!!

    Need a Good Net Plan, unlimited with no FUP preferably below Rs.1k Currently using MTNL... it kinda suxs, get very bad ping and alot of DC's Need a really good and stable net conn for Online Gaming like Diablo3, Dota2, COD and also for downloads.... (downloads per month more than 30-50gb)...
  3. C

    Connectivity problems with DLink 2750u

    It has been a year since i bought this modem Dlink 2750u works like a charm but for the last few days im experiencing really bad connectivity issues like net works for 15~20 mins and then a downtime of 1~2 mins and this is pattern in which my net works for the whole day so any help would be...
  4. N

    Best Wired Broadband Connection in Pune

    I have recently moved to Pune. Am staying in Koregaon Park region, next to passport office to be precise. I am looking for a good network connection. My priority is high speed, and no downtime. Not looking for an unlimited plan. I would prefer at least 2mbps of net speed, preferably 4mbps. I am...
  5. R

    [BSNL][ADSL] Unstable

    i am using BSNL connection , lately i am having frequent net disconnection , atttached image showing status valued , does this values means low QTY net? I am having frequent Disconnection problem's
  6. Harsh Pranami

    Net framework 3.5 required to install net framework 3.5!!!

    Today I upgraded my OS to win 8 as advised by chaitanya. Reason was that my modem was not working since the guys at huawei are real nerds at developing win 7 drivers I suppose. Thankfully modem problem is resolved. But now a new problem has crept up. While installing many utility softwares they...
  7. billamama

    laptop within 20k for general purpose use

    1) What is your budget? (INR 20k) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? No 4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? MS office...
  8. P

    Confused about cheating of processor...

    I was at the lamington market to buy a pc for my friend cousin,i had got a I5 3rd generation cpu,the box had written i5 on it, but when i saw on the cpu itself it had got something of a pentium G series processor,,,i was shoked i refused it ,,i got then a a i5 pro written on the chip itself,,,i...
  9. curioustechy

    Certain keyboard keys not working

    I bought an acer net book almost an year back. Some day back some of its keys ceased working. I googled for an immediate solution but couldn't find anything useful to me. Then I turned to this forum. I access net via my galaxy note & use the default browser as well as one browser. In both...
  10. S

    my laptop cant detecte my wifi router

    my wifi router is not visible in my laptop,any how i resolve this problem, but problem is back after few days, im using kaspersky internet security 2013 (upto date). what i came to know is that my net profile have been changing to guest from private. so how can i solve this issue???
  11. D

    Net not working on PC after removing router

    3 days ago i bought a Netgear N150 JNR 1010 wireless router from my friend just to test its range. Since i am using MTNL(delhi) BB with Sterlite SAM300AX modem (provided by mtnl itself) when i connected router for first time i got an error of same IP address of my modem and router. So i changed...
  12. A

    One net, two users.

    I have an internet connection and what i want is for the admin account only to have the access to the net but the guest account has access too. How to restrict the access to other users on the computer. I use windows 8 and a TP-Link wifi router.
  13. C

    Problem configuring TP-LINK modem router

    I bought TD-W8951ND yesterday and configured it using the Setup Assistant available in the CD included. Mine is a PPPoE connection from BSNL, and it configured fine with the setup. I used the net for about an hour, but then I wanted to change a setting in it. The connection through my old...
  14. chandan3

    Nfs Most wantel 2012

    Can we play (multiplyer) nfs most wanted 2012 without net connection .with lan or wifi.
  15. S

    Need White LED 120mm Fans

    I have setup a new rig and my cabinet is 400R. I have also installed 4 CM fans(pack of 4 120mm fans). I want 2 120mm fans with white LEDs. Searched the net but unable to find anything reasonable. Can some one plz give the link or If any one wants to sell it.
  16. kg11sgbg

    Is this connection possible ever?

    I have a UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 wireless ADSL2+ modem/router(provided by BSNL) and also a D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem/router,presently. Is it possible to connect between the two by the "ethernet-RJ45" cables and the "Phone line cable" ultimately onto the ethernet port/jack(RJ45)to do a net...
  17. Chetan1991

    tor failing in "Establishing an encrypted directory connection" because of nebero

    My college uses Nebero proxy on the gateway computer. You have to first login to get net access. It is quite annoying since it is even blocking shortcodes. I have been trying to get the Tor Browser package to connect to the net but it always get stuck at "Establishing an encrypted directory...
  18. A

    WiFi connectivity.. help!!

    Guyz i hv bsnl net connection(512mbps) and my modem mobel is WA3002-g1..... the modem is connected to my desktop via wire. I want to connect my laptop wirelessly to the modem and access net connection via both the desktop and the laptop... can it be done ..and if so can any1 of u pls tell me the...
  19. chandan3

    Ps3 games

    Can i download ps3 games from net and play with ps3
  20. T

    Reliance Broadband & Wifi Router Problem!!! HELP!

    pals, i have a reliance broadband net connection. recently, i got a wifi router (D-Link 2750U), so connected it to the net... but started facing a problem, every 1 - 1 1/2 hrs, i start getting Error 105, DNS couldnot be resolved for every site... for the next 10-15 min.. then after 15 min...
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