1. A

    SD on HD

    I am planning to buy a Full HD 40" TV for youtube net and gaming. However i am concerned if the resolution of the youtube video is not 1080 but less, will it be watchable on the tv ? Or should i go for a HD ready TV instead ?
  2. rohitshakti2

    Which wifi dongle in Delhi ?

    Hi friends, I want to buy a wifi dongle and I am living in Delhi. The usage is just switching from 3G to wifi dongle so that everyone in the family can use the net. So I want to know which is the best budget wifi dongle with decent network quality.... regards
  3. Flash

    TRAI received 80% replies on net neutrality from Facebook

    Judgement day is approaching for the fate of net neutrality in India. As Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) gears up to frame the net neutrality rules, telecom operators have favoured differential pricing for data services. Nearly 80% replies to the regulator’s consultation process...
  4. R

    Reliance Broadband

    I'm tired of slow net. My current plan is Airtel 2 mbps for 25gb then 512 kbps @ 1200 I think. Reliance thunder offers 4 mbps constant speed @ 1100. I need reliable net, is reliance worth it? I play online games like dota.
  5. Sumeet_naik

    Netgear DGN1000V3 with BSNL broadband not working.

    Anybody having same setup got it working? WI FI is up. Net works with a modem + D link shareport go.
  6. S

    Need help for strong light basic laptop

    1) What is your budget?*₹ 30000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook?* Laptop for Dad. Office, tally, surfing net 5) Any typical configuration in your mind...
  7. G

    Net Neutrality: DoT submits report

    Net Neutrality: DoT pushes for disallowing telecom companies? zero rating plans in its report | ETtech
  8. S

    I need help.i am using Meghbala broadband (PMPL) and using router TP-LINK (TL-WR740N)

    Hello guys, I am using Meghbala (PMPL) Broadband and using the router TP-LINK(TL-WR740N). I took my connection about 6 months ago.I myself installed the WiFi with my net connection and it was going well.i could connect all my devices iPad and mobiles without any interruption to the WiFi but...
  9. T

    What is a good isp in Mumbai, bandra (world net? )

    I am looking for a new isp with a stable network for a 2 mbps unlimited plan. Dc/lan sharing service is preferred but not necessary. I will not use you Tele, mtnl or Hathaway... Friends have suggested against them.. Also, bad personal experiences. I am looking to switch to world net right...
  10. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Trai 'makes you pay' for supporting net neutrality

    NEW DELHI: In a move that threatens the privacy of over a million internet users in India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has released the list of email IDs from which it received responses regarding net neutrality. Trai on March 27 had put up a consultation paper on its...
  11. D

    GTA 5 BACKUP ANYONE? Kochi,Kerala

    OK guys anyone from Kochi/Cochin can contact me for GTA5 backup and i have it crash free. Fixed up everything and i have to solution for running it on Dual GPU lappy's with AMD. So hit me up for the game(60-65GB) and i hope to get me some entertainment(serials/movies etc)
  12. Desmond

    Net Neutrality Discussion

    What is Net Neutrality and why is it important to all of us? A: * Just like Comcast, Airtel is planning on violating Net Neutrality by introducing Airtel Zero. A service wherein end users would be able to access services by Airtel partners free...
  13. swatkats

    Flipkart Just Ruined The Basic Net Neutrality Principle By Joining Airtel Zero Platform

    Source: * ------------------------------------------ What Is Airtel Zero? Airtel Zero is a new platform offered by Airtel, wherein the end users will pay nothing to access some specific websites, gaming portals and ecommerce...
  14. Desmond

    TRAI invites Indians to comment on Net Neutrality Till 20th Aug 2015 Only So Hurry

    It’s Your Time To Speak! TRAI invites Comments on Net Neutrality Source: TRAI Asks Indians To Comment on Net Neutrality - iGyaan - - - Updated - - - TRAI consulatation paper for the same: Consultation Paper : Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Net Neutrality is chapter 5...
  15. Cyberghost

    FCC approves net neutrality, everyone rejoices

    FCC approves net neutrality, everyone rejoices In a groundbreaking decision today, the Federal Communications Commission officially approved net neutrality, the policy that will ensure the future of the open Internet. The policy will enact strict regulations on ISPs—the companies that...
  16. dashang

    Using amadeus web service

    Hello, i have subscribed to amadeus web service. Its used for flight, hotel booking etc . I have to build mvc app and connecting with web service . but the documentation of amadeus is bad and generalized and also i didnt found much on google. Is anyone is aware of using amadeus...
  17. H

    PSU suggestion

    i have an i3 3220 processor and iball lpe223 400 psu i want to put a new graphics card like hd 7770 or r7 250 will psu support - - - Updated - - - i have searched everywhere on the net it says that my psu is 400w is it correct? - - - Updated - - - how does the W get used?
  18. Arnab

    Get Net Broadband- Reviews

    Hello, Anybody have any idea how is get net broadband? My cable operators are providing it so if anyone knows how it works and its connection quality, Please Advice. I am really need of a Good Internet ASAP. Regards AD
  19. S

    <AM3+> vs <FM2> AMD Sockets Which is better?

    Hi, I am planning to buy a pc for gaming and superior entertainment. I gathered some specs. from net for my PC. My budget for my CPU only is <=23000. but I am confused between amd's am3+ and fm2 sockets, as price on flipcart am3+ 6 core edition comes in price of fm2 quad core edition...
  20. S

    3g modem not detecting

    I have ubislate 7c+.When i connect beetel modem or any kind of modem throgh usb converter ,it is not detecting .So i can't do 3G net. Could anyone please give help on this issue. Thanks.
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