1. SenthilAnandh

    Watching TV without CPU

    Hi guys, Can we able to connect tvtuner card (or some other card setup) directly to a PC monitor (LCD or CRT) and watch TV without the help of CPU? :confused: Cos in a net center I saw this kind of a setup. Is it possible. If possible means please explain how. Thanks.
  2. A

    Beginner's Thread

    Beginner's Thread part-II Hai,My name is Aby James from Kerala.I am new to this forum.I am just a beginner in computer and technology.I am in budding stage only,so my questions may sound stupid. I thought I would create a single thread for all the questions i ask and keep updating with more...
  3. dare_devil

    buying laptop

    hi everyone, i am going to buy a new laptop. budget around 70k,so please suggest me best laptop that i can buy in this budget, i am going to use it mostly for viewing movies, net surfing chats, ana a little bit of gaming. thanks in advance
  4. sandeepkochhar

    Drivers for connecting mobile as a modem

    Hi I use Virgin vkewl handset (Huawei C5330)...I have the lost the drivers CD for using phone as a Modem while connecting thru PC to net...Can anybody suggest a link for downloading the drivers..Plz....
  5. G

    A Gaming Phone around 10K

    Hi, I am looking for a gaming phone which would cost around 10K. I googled and found nokia 5320 and SE F305 may fit here. I prefer 5320, coz its nokia and has better features compared to F305. But can i get n-gage games for free in the net? Are the gaming keys of 5320 good enough? Do the...
  6. V

    Check net speed

    Friends how can i check my net speed accurately downloading,uploading,surfing
  7. V

    Speed up net connection :

    Friends i am planning to buy Nokia N72 on Deepavali 29/10/08.I will be using this phone for net browsing.I want to speedup my net speed.Can any one tell me any system tweak or browser tweak or any software to achieve this.I will be very thankfull to you HAPPY DIWALI Friends.
  8. T

    should I install Service Pack 3 of XP

    Hi all, I am using a valid windows xp sp2 on my 4 yr old dell inspiron 510m notebook. with 1.6gHz Centrino CPU, 768 Mb RAM, 40 GB hard disk and intel integrated graphics. use my laptop for surfing net and studying. I searched reviews of Sp3 on net , and this is what I found: for some users...
  9. sude

    How to take screenshots in DOS mode? Please help!!

    dear forum users.. being a student of BCA, i have project to complete using C/C++. But i am stuck with a vital problem.. i need a tool which would enable me to take screenshots of the projects in DOS mode. how would i do it... please help me out. i checked the net and also tried several...
  10. rajsujayks

    How do I browse the net in a Nokia6681 using PC's connection?

    I have a Nokia 6681 cellphone along with its USB cable (DKU-2). My PC has dial up net. My PC does not have bluetooth. How do I browse the net in my phone using the PC's connection using the USB cable?
  11. Psychosocial


    Ok I installed XP and installed all drivers and stuff. Now when I connect to internet, it connects succcesfully but after sometime a message saying Win32 Host Services have stop working.....Send Error Report and Dont Send Error Report..... And then the net stops working. I cant dissconnect too...
  12. P

    should i overclock or not??

    i have a intel i945G/GZ MoBo with intel core 2 duo at 2.0 ghz. Integrated graphics of 82945g express chipset. Ram = 1024 Mb ddr2-sdram @333 Mhz (hyundai electronics) I know this is poor configuration but my question is whether i can overclock it or not? i have never OCed before but researched a...
  13. red_devil

    IDM-ish software for UBUNTU

    Guys, I'm pretty new to the internet experience on LINUX---had some problems with my ethernet card and so was always using WINDOWS for everything related to internet---now UBUNTU 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) has finally detected my NIC without any hassles so I'm now able to connect to net on UBUNTU. Now...
  14. M

    pc's net on mobile

    sir, pls help connecting net on mobile through pc's lan i have tried mrouter+bluesoliel+gnubox but mrouter didn't ditect bluetooth com port, i also have pc suit installed(v 7.0) pls help me if there is other option i have win xp sp3 +mtnl triband connection+nokia 6670
  15. Pearl Groupz

    Need Some Info On VPN..Please

    I just Downloaded a VPN "Hamachi" free version, I want to know what VPN really do ?? through VPN i will be safe from hackerz ?? How can i know Mine VPN is working fine ?? I seen mine ip remains same as before not using VPN.. here is Screenshot of the VPn..See through using Is Mine Net will...
  16. B

    Reliance Net Connect

    Hi Earlier I was using Reliance’s pcmci card for net connection. I had purchased sony vio recently. The problem is that sony vio is not having pcimci slot. So I have purchased reliance usb card for net connection. But I am not able to use it.. Reliance people are not supporting properly…so...
  17. S

    Phone for camera and PC net browsing under 5k

    I need a phone to take some pics and mainly to be able to browse net in my laptop. so EDGE may be needed. dont need an mp3 support in mobile as i have an mp3 player. camera in mobile need not be Hi-fi as i have a digital camera...though i wont be carrying it around all the need...
  18. Sridhar_Rao

    Basic questions on Ubuntu

    Sorry, if this question is redundant. Since I am new to linux (recently installed ubuntu) I want answer to these three questions, I am aware that linux is a safe OS. 1) Is there absolutely no requirement for a firewall as well as a antivirus program? 2) Can I surf the net without fear of any...
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