1. MetalheadGautham

    Best Bank for Net Banking and Fund Transfer

    I have a Canara Bank Savings Account for regular use and salary. Liked it because of the number of ATMs everywhere and instant SMS alerts for money credited into account, money debited from account (both via ATM and Debit Card). Problem is they are looting people for online transactions @ Rs...
  2. stellar

    Photo joiner

    Are there any software which join photos.We can do it on Photo Shop too but is there any we can find in net.
  3. sujeet2555

    Buying advice:Switch or router or adsl router

    hello everyone , i have bsnl 750Ul BB and have the old utstar modem blackone with no extra LAN i want to connect my laptop and ext Hard disk with my PC and share the net connection and ext HD. so what's your advice ? 1.A switch - so i can connect laptop & PC and have internet sharing...
  4. evilmage93

    Use Net On android with tata Photon

    I have used a lot of devices to use net on a computer with the help of my mobile starting with infrared ( a long,long time ago), bluetooth, wifi, usb....but i was thinking is there a way i can use net on my mobile by using the net connection on my lappy. I have a tata photon + wireless...
  5. maninder4k

    LG Optimus Net P690

    Bought LG Optimus Net P690 Recently :) Want to know Anything about it?
  6. S

    job opporutnities for dropouts

    Hi guys,I have completed my 3rd year of engineering but because of a backlog I am not able to get through to final year,I have been trying since two years to clear it but still I'm unable to do so . In these two years i have completed java and dot net courses,so on the basis of 12th,can i have...
  7. S

    jobs related to dot net ,java domain

    Hi guys,I have completed my 3rd year of engineering but because of a backlog I am not able to get through to final year,I have been trying since two years to clear it but still I'm unable to do so . In these two years i have completed java and dot net courses,so on the basis of 12th,can i have...
  8. K


    Please give a correct answer. Who are using this LG Optimus Net Dual! When ONE SIM is using for Data usage (Internet purpose) can i receive or dial any calls or SMS from the other SIM? Please give me reply as soon as possible i want to buy if that question is clarified. Waiting for User's...
  9. doomgiver

    hard disk crashed

    my 1 tb hard disk crashed yesterday, thanks to me. i accidentally hit the cabinet with my foot, while it was working. now windows wont boot, or repair and gives 0x00000e9 (or something, might be 9e also, wont try again, as i fear for my data) booted up via falcon4 ubcd, got into mini-XP it...
  10. S

    suggest android phone around rs 8000

    Dear friends ,i am looking for an android phone around rs 8000,i am confused,i have in mind Samsung galaxy Y ,but screen resolution and camera are weak points,so thought about Spice mi350n,micromax A 75and LG Optimus net .Kindly help me in deciding.What is the use of RAM and ROM in phone,how...
  11. rahul_c

    Bricked my LG Optimus Net!

    I have bricked my phone-LG Optimus Net P690! All I get is LG logo coming and going in loop. I somehow got into emergency mode, what should I do? I just clicked on 'backup current ROM', I didn't even replaced my original ROM! Please help my dad is going to kill me, its just a week old phone...
  12. C

    LG Optimus Net P698

    I am thinking to buy LG Optimus Net P698. I don't really need a dual sim. I was thinking to get LG Optimus Net, but some said, it is not good. Anyone used LG Optimus Net P698, any suggestions ? I will use it mostly for entertainment (video, games, music), less calls. I want to install some...
  13. rickenjus

    downloading problem in galaxy mini

    any help regarding the following problem will be appreciated. nowadays I'm facing a serious problem while downloading big size files, few mins after starting a download my connection drops and download stops. then I have to pause the task and resume it again to downlpad further, and same...
  14. powerstarprince

    Asus N45sf availability

    Hey guys, is the 14 inch asus n series laptop available in india now? saw its price in malaysia and dubai , according to it my guess for its price in india would be around 50k. But where is it available in india, havn't found anything over the net too. anyone know??
  15. Skyh3ck

    For PSU fans....

    Power Switches : Power Supply 101: A Reference Of Specifications i will be building my new system after March 2012, hence was reading a lot on net... found this very good.... however it did not mention anything about 80 PLUS.........
  16. ajayritik

    How do I connect LG optimus Net mobile to my PC

    I have recently purchased LG Optimus Net which I want to connect to my PC. Are there any android applications available which can help me do this. Maybe I can also connect via my WI-FI router. Kindly help!
  17. ajayritik

    My Mini review of LG Optimus Net

    Guys since this is my first review here please accept my apologies if I have not put it properly. I was hunting for a new phone after I lost my old Nokia phone 5233. I was basically looking for a phone that would come for a price around 10k. I was intially thinking about the Samsung series like...
  18. A

    .net framework error

    hi, i'm using toshiba satellite C660-1CP problem is whenever i open applications such as windows mobile device center or toshiba reeltime monitor it gives an error ' to run this application you must install one of the following versions of . net framework v4.0.30319. i have already...
  19. krishnandu.sarkar

    LG Optimus Net Launched!!

    LG silently launches Optimus Net in India for INR 10K | LG Optimus NET P690: Mobile LG Optimus One P500 vs. LG Optimus Net - Those who were waiting for it, go grab it now :D
  20. rohitshubham

    Connect Airtel net

    Hey I have a micromax 372g 3g data card. and i connect bsnl 3g with it. I want to ask if there is any way that i can connect airtel net with it, like the plan which is given by RS 98 2gb a month. when I insert Airtel sim it detects the airtel's network but when i connect , it shows failed to...
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