my laptop cant detecte my wifi router


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my wifi router is not visible in my laptop,any how i resolve this problem, but problem is back after few days, im using kaspersky internet security 2013 (upto date). what i came to know is that my net profile have been changing to guest from private. so how can i solve this issue???


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Login to your router and check if the BSSID is set to hidden or not. Also how far your laptop is from your router?

The net profile has nothing to do with the router. If you turn on network discovery , your pc will be visible to other PC connected to the same router.


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BSSID in turn on. my laptop and router are in same room, im the only one who is connected to the router i dont share my router with others.
what i have noticed is that whenever my net profile is change to guest from private my laptop doesnt find my router. my net profile have to set to private to make my laptop find my router. im using tplink router. just if i cant change my net profile again back to private from guest then it work for me this have happen in past but im unable to change my net profile back to private .

Finally problem is solved. hope this wont repeat again.
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