Best Wired Broadband Connection in Pune


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I have recently moved to Pune. Am staying in Koregaon Park region, next to passport office to be precise. I am looking for a good network connection. My priority is high speed, and no downtime. Not looking for an unlimited plan. I would prefer at least 2mbps of net speed, preferably 4mbps. I am willing to pay from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 for the connection. I was thinking about getting an airtel connection as it seemed to be pretty great (in terms of quality of net and service) back at my home. Please suggest something.


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I've used an Airtel connection for a few days at Bangalore. The service is very impressive indeed. No down times whatsoever. Pings to server quite distant were also very good. An overall great service IMO.


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Airtel-Expensive with great reliability
Reliance-VFM With no reliability of speeds and I heard they don't give promised speeds in freedom plan
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