1. ankit.kumar010203

    Please tell me the sequence to learn programming ?

    There is many programming language in the world. I want to learn number of programming language as much as possible till my old age. Presently I am in class 8(my age is 12 years). So I want the sequence that which language should I learn first. I am learning HTML AND CSS. And Almost Going to be...
  2. arun garg

    How is SAMSUNG DUOS LITE features

    I want to buy a phone. First choice is from samsung and may be other from Nokia. I have selected one from samsung duos lite. But i don't know how is it. I am using it only for net and for double sim. Please tell me about its display touch, net capability and battery backup. Touch is the feature...
  3. K

    Windows Installer is not working

    Dear Friends/Experts I m unable to install the program as i am getting the below error “The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed” I am using windows 7 Thank You Kunal i dont know how to delete this thread but i got the solution from net thanks everyone
  4. nikhilsharma007nikx

    airtel net in delhi ?

    i wanna no that is airtel net is available in delhi in bindapur /janak puri/janki puri /pin code 110059 ? pls help me i conntact the customer care for connection but they said that it is not available but i think tath it is available now pls help me !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. A

    Macbook Pro 13 inch doubts clarification

    Guyz..want ur opinions asap. recently visited the apple stores and found out about their student discount and other discounts...and was surprised to know that after availing these discounts i will be able to get the macbook pro 13 inch (3rd gen i5 2.5ghz,4gb ram, intel hd 4000, 500gb ram) priced...
  6. D

    anti piracy strikes back -Bachelor Party on the Net lands many in police net

    In what is billed as a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, the anti-piracy cell of the Kerala Police has registered cases against 1,010 persons for illegally uploading or downloading on the Internet the Malayalam movie Bachelor Party. This includes a Keralite engineering student...
  7. P

    Which ISP is good in noida

    Hello, Like many others using Airtel broadband, I too received a message regarding the increase in price hike, so i'm in search of alternative net providers. The thing i liked about Airtel was quick response from the field customer support and my net worked fine most of the times, the...
  8. ajayritik

    16 0r 32 GB Memory Card for LG Optimus Net

    Guys I have LG Optimus net and want to upgrade the external memory from current 2 GB to either 16 GB or 32 GB. I heard terms like Class etc. For my phone which class is required. The primary purpose for this would be to store songs. Will not use that much for camera like photos or videos. Can...
  9. S

    Guidance required In buying a PC for Stock Trading; Fast Processor lot of RAM : Pls Advice

    Hello I am a Stock Trader, need your advice to buy a PC which will be having high processing power & RAM , which will be connected to Net all the time.Integrated sound & video enough.Please advice for a 20-24 inch LED Monitor also. Regards
  10. Xai

    Camera @ 7-10K Range

    Hi, I am a newbie to photography, and looking to buy my first digital camera. My previous camera was a Kodak KB10 - used 12 years ago! My budget is between 7-10K. Preferably, not to exceed 10K. Sweet spot would be 7-8K, but if it is justified, I can go up to 9-10K. I checked Canon...
  11. sling-shot

    Airtel opposes net neutrality; asks Google, Facebook to share profits

    Airtel opposes net neutrality; asks Google, Facebook to share profits - Internet | ThinkDigit News
  12. S

    Dot net Links/books for window forms based applications

    Hi Everybody, I am a newbie in dot net technologies i need an good tutorial links or book name for window form based applications. Any help is very much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  13. A

    Data monitoring tool ?

    I need a tool/software to monitor my data usage. Something more than a web browser plugin, that can give me my daily/monthly usage of my internet usage including net surfing, downloads, windows updates, etc, in short, all of my net usage.. Pls hlep. Kindly suggest me some free tool. Thanks...
  14. R

    Can't play my 1.6

    I frequently play cs 1.6 online and 1 day i just recieved sum dialogue box saying i had to download sumthing for my 1.6 folder. I accepted and now wenever i open my client it shows the not responding dialog box and and thats it.I tried uninstalling but the same dialog box came up.My czero also...
  15. D

    unable to connect though lan cable

    After disabling the wireless connection, i connected through a lan cable to a wireless modem. Although the "open network and sharing centre" is showing a successful connection to the net, it ist working. What seems to be the problem here?:|
  16. ajayritik

    Can I expand my internal memory to 8GB for my LG Optimus Net

    I was just wondering if I can upgrade my existing SD Card which is 2 GB to 8 GB in my LG Optimus Net. I heard earlier that if we upgrade to anything higher the Mobile becomes slow etc. And is there any max limit upto which I can upgrade. Also any suggestions on brand etc?
  17. izzikio_rage

    How to connect my android to the internet using my laptop's internet dongle

    Hey guys I have a MTS net connect dongle and since the net on my Galaxy pop android phone is pretty expensive I wanted to know a way to make my phone use the net on my laptop. I've tried setting up a WIFI ad hoc network on my laptop and sharing net on that, but my phone can't seem to...
  18. ajayritik

    How to connect to GPRS using Desktop PC

    Guys can someone help me connecting with my Airtel GPRS using my PC. I have Lg optimus net & GS2.
  19. R

    Need help in selecting phone

    Hi, My budget is 10k. Requirments 1]android phone 2]at least 3 mp cam 3]fast internet minimum. I am confused between htc explorer,lg optimus net and motorola fire xt. Please suggest me good one.
  20. dfcols71

    monitor when browsing 1920/1080

    i have an asus moniter ml238h resolution 1920/1080 while gaming it gives full screen @ that resolution ,but when browsing the net @ that resolution it doesn't give full screen and reading the small letters @that resolution when browsing is slightly difficult,how to get full screen for...
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