HELP - HTC one no internet access


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The other day, I did an Aircel topup of 98 INR which supposedly offers 1gb data usage for a month but I havent been able to access the net since.
I can access the net via wi fi.
This is my first time on aircel 2g/3g.
I have a HTC one. When I turn on the mobile data it says - disconnected because service is unavailable.

I called up aircel to get the configuration but all they did was send a msg that your device doesnt support automatic settings - call up the technical department via 121. I called up 121 but there they said they couldnt get me to the tech dept and the customer support wasn't capable to handle this. They also said there is no other way to get to the tech dept.

Probably I ll have to configure the device myself with your help -
I vaguely figured out that I may have to configure the APN -
But when I try to set up a new APN - It asks for the following -

MMS proxy
MMS port
MMS protocol (WAP2.0/WAP1.2)
MCC (405)
Authentication (not set)
APN type
APN enable/disable

Somewhere on the net I found this for aircel -

APN – aircelgprs or
Access Number : *99# or

But that takes us nowhere :(

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Only the tech department can help you or someone in the forum who has a Aircel connection. BTW ,thats pathetic service on Aircel's part.


Broken In
try these

Name : Aircel GPRS
APN : aircelgprs
Proxy : <Not Set>
Port : <Not Set>
Username : <Not Set>
Password : <Not Set>
Server : <Not Set>
MMSC : <Not Set>
MMS Proxy : <Not Set>
MMS Port : <Not Set>
MCC : 404
MNC : 17
Authentication type : <Not Set>
APN Type : default

btw i dont have aircel connection so cant confirm



Cyborg Agent
Just type APN as and leave other columns blank. save it as your default connection and try connecting it.

and if it is your new sim then is it activated?


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Thanks for those replies but none of them did good to me - Still no connection.

PS- My SIM has been active since long.

Also - now I cant even reach the customer support executives as their lines are supposedly busy 24*7 (and thats bullshit to me).
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