1. rhitwick

    Measuring a THREAD standard

    Guys, for the last few days frequency of locking threads are increasing. That denotes (by general logic) that most of us are creating useless thread. Now some senior members are opposing this logic driven conclusion and protesting this act. Again MODs are not agreeing with them and this is...
  2. GeekyBoy

    Tell us about your school crushes...

    Hey....I think its not appropriate to post this in a tech forum such as this....but see...its human nature to get attracted to the opposite sex(& in rare cases, the same sex). Many of us must have had crushes on teachers in high school or in middle school(even I have one:D) peel off that...
  3. pushkar

    mobile games for s60v3

    i have a nokia 5700 xm and looking for a site for games for it. Please tell me some sites. If you cannot post it here, pm me. mods: if this is inappropriate, please delete this.
  4. amitabhishek

    What the hell, Mods!!!

    I don't understand the stupidity of locking this thread. You can't close a thread just because you presume something. IDIOTS!!!
  5. ring_wraith

    CS:CZ Hamachi Server

    Anyone want to play Condition Zero right now? PM Me, I'll create a Hamachi server. Yes, I'm bored. If this against forum rules, then mods please delete it. No one? Really? It's Counter Strike!
  6. ajayritik

    How to edit title of the thread I created?

    Is it possible for me to edit the title of the thread that I created? I'm able to edit the post in the thread but unable to edit the title of the thread. Can this be done only by the mods? If so some mod please help me!
  7. alter_ego

    The threads that shouldn't have been locked

    While I strongly recommend that moderation of every forum is important (for a lot of obvious reasons). But over policing of anything is really bad. Some times the mods go overboard and close even some of the harmless or even funny threads. There is nothing wrong if all of us are having fun...
  8. T

    Need Invitation

    Hello Ihave posted against the rules itseems So i removed the content. MODS PLEASE DELETE THE POST Thank you
  9. abhijit_reddevil

    The official Euro 2008 thread!

    Let's discuss everything about Euro 2008 here. I anyone has objections with creating this new thread instead of the Football Channel thread (, then mods, please delete this thread.:)
  10. din

    New way of spam in Thinkdigit - Have a look

    This is the new (innovative) way of spamming. Please have a look at these threads. and and and...
  11. J

    DIABLO 2 inventory

    I am playing DIABLO 2. But the inventory and stash is very small as compared to any other games. So is there any mods out there which may increase the size of the inventory. Also is there any mods to increase the graphics a bit. I mean the gameplay is very good but a better graphics would really...
  12. venom007

    Check Out New Forum -- Seeks Your Support

    Guys there's a new forum out now... which is also hosted by us :).. It has quite similarity with this digit forum & digitalpoint forum... Name- ~snipped~ Please check this .. it's also needs some mod's to keep the forum alive... also seeks a lot of member's :) (I am going to one of them:) )...
  13. jaya

    Pirated software ? get special offer !!

    Ad came in the newspaper Sorry, mods, please move this to chit-chat section
  14. V

    GTA VC: Mods

    Hi Friends, Can you suggest me some of the good mods of GTA:Vice City. Hope you understand what I am asking.... I needed that. Awating for reply...!!! Please reply..
  15. gary4gar

    Digit Forum Spamed :x, All thread links inside

    Once again digit forum has been spamed but this time its scale its large so mods will have difficulity in removing so listing all threads here are convenience of the mods;)
  16. chicha

    weapon mod

    there is an option in Rainbow 6 lockdown for mods. where can i download them? are they free?
  17. K

    Portable Ipod speakers

    :p Guys I want Portable Speakers for my Ipod.(mainly for listening music in college with my friends ).Please suggest some good portable speakers .My budget is 500-600 INR. @ mods sorry by mistake I opened similar thread in Bazaar section.
  18. slugger

    y sum users listed in green?

    saw d list of currently logged in users and noticed dat altho almost everybody is listed in blu, sum users have been shown in green, saw it b4 also but i'm askin' now. like now dis mehulved guy is listed in green r dey d mods? also who r d mods raaabo 4 1 fatbeing another who d others?
  19. iMav

    Why gx was banned

    Message by GX, Im posting on his behalf he can login but cant post or do anything ;)
  20. blackpearl

    Relationship between Admins, Mods and Members

    This is why admins are for in a forum :))
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