1. Vartul

    Why MODS shouldn't be GODS.

    When was the last Time you were annoyed by a Mod? He Locked your thread(after having the last word)? Banned you coz you were an Honest self-respecting Troll? Posted pictures of himself bathing in a sticky thread? Banned you just before you were to be promoted? All these,and many other...
  2. pepsodent

    SONY WALKMAN E354 8GB Red color

    this item is no longer available. mods please close this thread.
  3. N

    Doom 3 help!

    I've been playing the original Doom and got quite interested in Doom franchise. So I got Doom 3, downloaded a couple of mods. But, how to install it? Or use it? Just selecting the mods from the "Mods" in the Main Menu? Or is there any other way? Please help!
  4. pepsodent

    Apple ipod touch 4g 32gb (registered on 2-March-2011)

    sold out :wink: mods please close this thread.
  5. Zangetsu

    Game you are addicted to is closed.

    The thread is closed now.:cry: Mods please post the reason for its closing.
  6. patkim

    MP3 sorting

    Windows media player loads the mp3s from USB stick in a specific order in the default playlist. I tried renaming the file, altering a few fields using mp3 sorter programs, however no luck in getting it in an order I want. Is this possible? Mods - My original post on this subject is no longer...
  7. Rahim

    Congrats to new custodians of TDF

    I noticed that some regualr ones have been given the resposibilty to maintain TDF and try to restore glory days. Fine selection of next generation mods indeed. Congrats to new elevated members and hope the duty will be discharged properly.
  8. ancientrites

    Attention to all Bangaloreans and Mangaloreans

    To mangalorean and bangalorean digitians It has come to my notice that some of you didn't like my comments on your pc suppliers.But in fact it was you guys who said you weren't happy with your respected dealers after sales services..etc and everyone must be cautioned.So in favor i had...
  9. N

    Product demonstration Building(in Flash)

    Hi... I want to create a multimedia cd for displaying my products to my prospective clients. I am looking for some software which would get my work done. I would appreciate if digit mods would suggest which software they use for their cds and dvds. And friends, any software suggestions...
  10. C

    Medieval II Total War and Mods

    Any medieval II TW freaks out there? For all those who played Stainless steel 6.1 and 6.2, the new SS 6.3 is out and it rocks.:smile:
  11. N

    Laptop Battery Problem

    please mods delete this thread.
  12. B

    Bought Corby Pro

    Wel i must say its pretty awsome. :) Opinions?? Where can i find more mods for that phone?
  13. ssk_the_gr8

    Gf issues

    Mods please close this thread
  14. soumya

    Post your Google WAVE id's here!

    Man, I am getting bored in google wave! So let's wave with each other. :) My id is sengupta.soumya P.S. Mods you can merge this thread with the invites thread, but I don't think it would be right ;)
  15. rhitwick

    How to request for Unban someone?

    Well, as the title says, 1>How to request for it? 2>Is there a provision to unban a member? 3>Were in the history of TDF anyone unbanned ever? 4>What are the protocols one should follow to unban himself? And, how do his/their friends pray for it? A PM? To whom? Mods? (how many of them, or...
  16. naveen_reloaded

    Digit Starts Spamming Its Members...

    Hi guys.. I was recently getting many emails from thinkdigit domain... I dont kow whether its them or their database has been compromised.. I think the emails are no longer safe with thinkdigit today i got a email ...take a look and the links to these products where something different...
  17. shootingspy

    Urgent Information Required

    Hi to All Proud to be in this community :smile: I wanna ask a question regarding installation of WinXP-X64 or WinVista-X64 My present configuration is as under:- Processor:- Intel Core2Duo E7400 @ 2.8Ghz M/B :- Intel DG35EC RAM :- Kingston 2*2GB DDR2 800FSB Graphic Card :- MSI...
  18. max_demon

    Why My thread automatically gets deleated ?

    Anyone else facing this problem ? is that DIgit forum bug ? or Mods are doing their work ? IT is Wierd!
  19. prateekdwivedi1

    Best oblivion mods

    Hey guys can anyone among you give me a list of all the best oblivion mods??
  20. Liverpool_fan

    Good Half Life 2 Modifications

    I own copy of Orange Box and so can play Half Life 2 Mods. Can you guys recommend good modifications of HL2. I have played few mods, and liked only one of them: Minerva. Do you guys know any good modifications? What I need? (1) It should be single player. (2) Please no "gun, run and...
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