1. sabret00the


    Mods and other members while surfing saw a few fake member profiles created....they seem to create a bad atmosphere in the forum....admins and mods plz delete these profiles and try to track the IPs or have the authorities known....following are the list of improper user...
  2. V

    Which 32" LCD television?

    Hi, I plan to buy a 32" LCD television this weekend and need your advice. I would like to choose the one with the best price/performance ratio, not the cheapest or the most expensive. Which one, and how much? (Mumbai) Other points: 1. Must be wall mountable 2. I'm not planning to use it...
  3. G

    Viewsonic V/s Samsung

    I just wanted to know which is a better Value - for - money monitor in the 17" TFT range . Please rate it & also give the name . If your using either please say so. Thank you. Edited : P.s I feel I've posted this in the wrong section, if so, can the mods please relocate it to the right place.
  4. din

    Request to mods, senior members and all out there.

    Well, Just couldn't resists, thats the reason for this post. No hard feelings please, do not want to hurt any. This is going to be reported and deleted, This is in the wrong section, I know it, but I am posting coz, atleast for deleting Mods will read this. So dear mods, senior members and...
  5. pritish_kul2

    Why.Why and Why the hell

    Why doesn't digit let us elect the mods and close every thread related to mods.Why so? Why we don't have freedom? We are using the forum and the mods should also be elected by us.
  6. pritish_kul2

    Should new mods be elected?

    Should new mods be elected?
  7. pickster

    Buying a MacBook

    delete this please my bad, but mods, please delete this
  8. S

    Games Patches

    Well unfotunately i have got a few pirated games like HL2, Civilisation 4 etc. The problem is that to install any mods or to play multiplayer(as in case of Civ 4) i need to install patches( which i can't use on my pirated versions). Is there any site where i could get patces & mods for my...
  9. R

    Help for gta vc mods

    hey guyz how to install the gta vc mods in the game plz tell any app
  10. sidewinder

    7 Moths old Pinnacle TV tuner card (PCI) with FM & Remote for Rs. 1500+Shipping

    Thread Deleted ! Mods...plz remove this thread !
  11. gxsaurav

    The ultimate PC setups

    Well, some of you liked my other thread regarding the best Mac setups. Umm....well, they were presented as portraits. But here is the thing, the real mean machines out there are indeed PCs which you can customize like hell. They are everywhere, weather your toilets or bed or car, just anywhere...
  12. rollcage

    <Feedback on Beetel CB 55000 needed!!>

    no - ne here has beetel cb 55000 No one replied /// So mods you can trash it please..
  13. mediator

    Microsoft apologises for serving malware

    :shock: source Mods, please delete it if its a repeat!
  14. gaurav_indian

    Your fav online game?

    Which is your fav online game?I like yahoo pool and cricket at zapak. PS: If this thread has been made earlier mods can delete it.
  15. n2casey

    How to download this video?

    Is there any way to download this video? If that's illegal, mods can PM me.
  16. M

    Mods plz help

    I have been looking for this thread plz help me to locate it
  17. s18000rpm

    Game MODS

    Lets discuss some Game MODs & also Game Modding. There are some cool Mods for all GTA Series of games. Here's some MODs for which are easy to install: GTA San Andreas 1. Map (Island) Mod::: =>"Welcome To Akina", Japan Map MOD .:: like 2f2f its a small island near "Santa Maria Beach"...
  18. s18000rpm

    Links to Download "The Three Stooges" movies

    can anyone give some links from where i can download The Three Stooges Movies/episodes for free/paid. MODs - I'm not asking about illegal d/w links.
  19. C

    my post deleted

    i gave torrent sites. which were given once drgrugde. desitorrents etc.. y da * is it deleted and life was good with admins. these mods again started the * here. here btorrents and desitorrents invites also there i want answer from fatbeing
  20. ionicsachin

    Please Please Please say "YES" for this...

    Will HALO 2 and FARCRY INSTINCTS be released for PC? Are the variuos mods available for farcry free to download?
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