1. K

    GTA 5 cars

    Hi! Can you help me with mods installation? I downloaded some of this from World of Mods and now the game is crashed every time I try to launch it. Why it may happends and how to fix that?
  2. S

    Fallout 4 mods

    Hello! Do you know good trusted websites with new F4 mods? I alredy use WoM but for other gamez mostly. There are not too much Fallout mods. Can you give me some links?
  3. TheMost

    Skype TV or latop ?

    Hello everyone ! I need an opinion from you people. My cousin was married recently and she has gone abroad. Now my uncle and auntie wants to speak to her through something like that. They dont have any knowledge about computers/Smartphones and they don't own any. Now they are ready to...
  4. prehistoricgamer

    Lenovo Users! Beware.

    I know this isn't the right sub forum to post this. But I thought it might help out a couple of unwary Lenovo users. As a potential Lenovo customer, this saddens me. I was about to buy a Lenovo Z50-70 in the next week. I may have to rethink my decision due to Lenovo's practices and shady...
  5. Nipun

    How to get the password of the WiFi I am connected to?

    The IT guys of the university connected my laptop to the WiFi network but I do not know the password. This means that I cannot connect my phone with the WiFi nor can I disconnect it from my laptop. Is there any way I can get to know what the password is? I'm on Windows 8. PS: Mods please...
  6. happy17292

    [For Sale] IEMs and ipad mini case - Denon AH-C260, SM ES18, Spigen tough armor

    mods please close the thread
  7. D

    GS4 latest firmware

    anyone here can provide torrent links for the latest i9500 firmware(4.4.2) for india. Due to slow speed downloading via servers cant be resumed. MODS if this is illegal you can delete my thread:mrgreen: BTW what is the difference between russian and indian firmware.
  8. rhitwick

    Where is my thread?

    Though I sent PM to MODs, others can also try to shade some light on this. Last afternoon I posted thread but can't find it anymore. Is it deleted by MODs or got cleared due to some other technical reason? Request at MODs/Admins: Can you recover it? This is how google shows it from cache...
  9. I

    Multiplayer gaming in India

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know hows the multiplayer gaming scene in India is on the PC? 1. Is it easy to connect to European/North American servers and have not much lag? 2. If not then what games are popular in India to play Multiplayer? 3. Are there enough servers for games like...
  10. Hrishi

    Suggestion Regarding Certifications and Career Planning.

    Mods please remove this thread.
  11. chandan3

    Gta 4 with mods

    can i run gta 4 ulimate texture mods,i hv laptop os- win7(64bit) gpu- nvidia 630m ram- 4gb these r the mods » GTA IV Ultimate Textures (GTA IV)
  12. darkv0id

    The Webby Awards

    Vote for your favorite gaming related website. Tell us who you you voted for, if you want to. P.S. I voted for Polygon. @ Mods I don't know if this is the right section; move this to another if it please you :-)
  13. nseries73

    [For Sale] PC Parts For Sale

    Sold out please delete this thread mods
  14. furious_gamer

    The Ultimate Debate, Discussion and Fight Thread For Offtopic Posts!

    After seeing Killing Piracy thread, theserpent gave an idea to create this thread, where we debate about all off-topic posts and no need to disturb mods. So mods, this is just for off-topic debates and please take it lightly. Let's brag about Piracy and blah,blah here. :D
  15. nseries73

    [For Sale] Sony Ericcson Neo V (MT11i) for sale

    sold plz delete this thread mods
  16. sam_738844

    New year Give-away : Purple/ Orange loot in Borderlands 2 Steam

    Created a new thread for this.:-D Steam ID/Name :sg0050947. Play time 8.00 P.M-1.30A.M night. Have loot to spare. 1. Purple loot ( weapons, grenade mods, Shields, Class Mods) at level 1-23. 2. Orange Loot ( weapons only ) at level 1-23. 3. Purple Loot (weapons, grenade mods, Shields...
  17. harshilsharma63

    The mods thread

    Hi, I couldn't find a dedicated thread for PC mods (case mods and stuff) so I decided to start off this thread. Post your case mods, keyboard mods, anything DIY that you did or you know about, lighting, windows and all things mods. I'm beginning by posting some pics of my own very basic mod...
  18. tkin

    Steelseries Siberia Soundcard

    Mods close this.
  19. tkin

    FiiO E6 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Mods close this.
  20. tkin

    Unused Xbox 360 Controller.

    Mods, close this.
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