1. happy17292

    which microSD card is better ?

    : plz delete this Edit: double post. Mods plz delete this
  2. rohit32407

    [For Sale] Intel 2nd Gen(SB) Based Components

    Intel 2nd Gen(SB) Proc+mobo+ram+gpu(6770) [CLOSED] Products sold outside TDF. Mods please close the thread.
  3. V

    [Want to Buy] HDD/PSU/Graphics card/Cabinet

    Hello, I have purchased the above mentioned items in a local store.The mod's can close the thread. Thanks
  4. saikiasunny

    :-D 50 Bizzare N Amazing PC Case MODS :-D

    I was just searching for some wallpapers when i came across this article :-D. Please have a look, i assure you will be amazed! 50 Most Bizarre Computer Cases Ever | Azoft Spotlight ps- mods, if you think this thread is not necessary, delete it :-)
  5. Champ

    Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

    Purpose served... Mods plz close thread
  6. Maddd

    Battlefield 2 mod 'U.S. Intervention 2.2' released

    Battlefield 2 mod 2.2 (US Intervation) released Now if you want to enjoy Battlefield 2 more exclusively then you have to just download a mod 2.2 (US Intervation) of that game and you will get a new map amd a lot of things. So, you get BF2, you play it for hours upon hours and love every...
  7. J

    Android app to report spam

    Hello everyone. I developed a small app that reports a SMS/Call as spam by forwarding it to TRAI specified number(1909). Basically, it extracts all info about SMS, formats it into a standard string, composes a message and sends it to 1909. Find it here...
  8. TheLetterD

    Developing for a 13 Year Old.

    Hello My younger brother is 13 years old. We bought him a PSP years ago, all he keeps on Doing is looking up Youtube Vid.s , customizing the software adding mods and stuff, for eg. he got a Mod to use PSP as a PC Remote. Nowadays he keeps looking for GTA San Andreas Mods cuz thats the only...
  9. Desmond

    Best mods/addons.

    Hi, Tell us what is your favourite game mods or addons or DLCs. Posted via Mobile Device
  10. happy17292

    [Want to Buy] CPU and mobo required

    bought new Athlon II X3 from ebay, mods can close the thread :|
  11. revolt

    should this be allowed?

    There is a certain member in this forum whom i dont like. Had I met him in real life I would have loved to kick in his face.Beat him etc etc…He is an idiot and is trolling too much.If I abuse him in open will the mods only banish me?I don’t have anything with other members except him. His...
  12. eggman

    Anyone wants to watch Sherlock Holmes , Dec 31st , 2:30 pm show!!

    [EDIT: Solved] Mods, please delete the thread !!
  13. doomgiver

    DIRT 3 for Steam

    sold. request mods to close thread
  14. Ronnie11

    Landline phone for 1000

    Hey guys,i am looking to buy a landline phone(not the cordless) with a caller id...i saw few models of GE,BEETEL & Alcatel....which one is better...also i don't want a made in china phone either...could u guys help me out...which brand to go for?? mods i didn't know where to post this...
  15. damngoodman999

    Dead rising 2 off the record

    I seen demo , tomorrow am getting this game looks interesting K9thNrRkep8& BH6tKHejHcM same as Dead rising 2 , but we can see new weapons & mods in this "OFF THE RECORD" . As review will be on coming forth !
  16. happy17292

    Pentium dual E5300, 4GB RAM, ASUS mobo

    Sold sold sold mods can close this thread
  17. kartikoli

    warranty claim doubt

    can i claim sapphire GPU warranty through serial no. or do i need a bill for it in india MOD's please move this thread to correct section if its in a wrong section
  18. sumonpathak

    Super Pi Battlground [1M/32M]

    Hi everyone...starting the Super Pi battleground in DIGIT forums.So bring out the tweaking wrenches and bench:twisted: here you can post your super pi 1M and 32M results The rules are similar to HWBOT rules so the submissions you do here can be used to submit in submit in HWBOT.Here's a quick...
  19. win32.tr0jan

    NFS being cop in LAN

    Is there any NFS game like NFS:HP2,where we can play in LAN as cop or racer with friends? If not,are there any mods to pump up graphics,gameplay and to add more cars into NFS:HP2?
  20. Skud

    Please help!!!

    I don't know why this happened but I am unable to login to my account. In user control panel its showing the recent subscriptions but if I try to see the unread visitor message or post comments to thread. I don't know the proper section to post this so mods please help. Am I banned? Just...
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