1. montsa007

    (this is test forum) mobile requests on mods approval

    dear buddies after mods approval post ur requests for ur mobile fones (do remember no illegal stuff and no cracked appz) mods approval awaited
  2. S

    QUAKE 4

    i recently installed quake on my pc and installed patch version1.0.4.i like to know whether there is any new patch and mods available for this game. i like to improve the graphic of that game.i dont have any super graphic card on my pc.i like to install mods and patch.please help me?
  3. ECE0105

    How to Install the Amiga Operating System.....

    I have downloaded the Amiga Operating system .... It is only 35MB and has documentation only in German, which Of course I don't understand. I would greatly appreciate it if any one would provide more insight into this Operating System and the methods to install it. It would be helpful...
  4. ax3

    Hitman mods ! ! !

    does hitman 2 have any extra maps ???
  5. N

    Warcraft 3 mods

    im new to the mods used in warcraft 3 i downloaded some mod with the extension .w3x i dont know how to use it. please help!!!!!!
  6. Quiz_Master

    WWE : RAW for PC...Need online resources

    Hello guys I recently got wwe raw pc game (Now dont look at me like this. I know its a old game :wink:) I searched google for its cheats but found nothing. I also searched for its available mods but nothing there too. Can u guys please list here some resources for this game. Like...
  7. M

    Max Payne 2 Mods

    Hi guys . I am requesting you to please post the direct download link of various mods of Max Payne 2 . in my hostels Gaming sites are blocked so please help me . Thanks .
  8. royal

    Case Mods

    Hi All, Any of u done any sort of case modding ? If yes then plz furnish the details (tools needed, costs , risks involved etc.) I know there are many sites that cater to case mods but I need to hear from someone who has actually done it :lol:
  9. N

    Suggest a site part 2

    Do anybody know of a site which allows free phpBB forum hosting with unlimited space and also which allows me to add custom mods with ftp access and all this for free. I know I am asking for too much but is it possible.
  10. sujithtom

    Hey guys don't you Ragnarok???

    Man i can't see any ragnarok related stuff here. Digit has given it free 2 times and even our mods are heavy players. I am already addicted to it.
  11. I


    guys...Is is possible to procure an xbox modchip in India ? either in Chennai or in Bangalore ? Could you let me know please. thanks If it is illegal to ask for modchips then mods please close this post...
  12. V


    hi what do you mean by mods? i have seen the word used a coupleof times but have no idea. Vin
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