1. S

    IEM for BlackBerry curve 8330

    Need a In ear Headphones with Mic for my Blackberry Curve 8330 Budget around 1k
  2. TechPlex

    Mic Preamp?

    Friends! First of all I want to tell that I am not receiving any replies for my previous posts. But that's not a thing to cry for. I have a problem. I had purchased an AHUJA ELECTRET CONDENSER MICROPHONE worth rupees 2200 with the aim of connecting it to my laptop's MIC IN with the help of a DIY...
  3. A

    SteelSeries Siberia Full-Size Mic

    Does SteelSeries Siberia headphone have a mic? The link is given below! SteelSeries 51000 0GB Price India, SteelSeries 51000 Review, SteelSeries Headphone India - Infibeam.com
  4. Gollum

    Suggest headphones (head band style only -mic)

    I want suggestions on headphones which are for les than 1500. I've used sennheiser hd 180 and 202. what I mainly want from the headphone is rich bass response since my phone lg p500 does not have an equalizer. the bass on hd180 lacked a lot and 202 isn't impressive either for the price tag...
  5. aroraanant

    urgent suggestions required for earphones...

    I am planning to purchase a (in)earphone,will probably buy it from ebay as none other website is having good stuff,previously my budget was low but now I m planning to extend a lil bit.my budget is approx 1k. And tell me one more thing that earphones with mic doesnt last for long,is it right...
  6. Gaurav

    Help me find earphones with inline mic for my phone

    Hi all, I am looking for a good set of earphones having inline mic. I have been looking for it for quite some time but couldn't come to a decision properly (always confused :confused: ). I previously had Sony Ericsson W810i (whose sound quality / clarity was very nice) and that is what I am...
  7. eagle06

    Need Headset with mic under 1.5k

    I need a good headset with mic for gaming,movies and music. it must have a good bass and i want only neckband type :). Please post your suggestions :)
  8. bubusam13

    Headphone for chatting

    I need a headphone with mic basically for chatting. The mic should not be on cord and the mic arm should be long enough to reach my mouth. And should me comfortable. I don't want too cheap or too costly. Please suggest me one. I have some headphones, one of frontech. After using it for some...
  9. V

    Wireless microphone for PC/Laptop?

    Hi all Please tell me if you know any good wireless microphone to use with PC, not wireless headphone with mic thanks a lot
  10. B

    suggest good HD live webcam

    compare logitech HD C510 Vs microsoft life cam Vx700.i need live HD video chat,HD video recording,build-in mic & max. megapixel for picture.suggest good one & quote price
  11. M

    soundmagic mp-21 v pl-30 for mobile.. confused.. pl advice..

    hello everyone.. I am a little confused to choose between soundmagic mp 21 and pl 30 mp 21 (700 rs ) - with mic - but has L shaped pin.. my samsung wave has socket at the top.. so I am little worried if the wire gets cut when I put in my jeans..while driving.. pl 30 (900 rs)- it has a...
  12. desai_amogh

    best earbuds under 1k

    Hi guys, could u suggest me good ear bud headfones (ones u can stuff into ur ears and dont have mic :D) under 1k ???
  13. eagle06

    Need Headphones with Mic for gaming

    Hi Im looking for a headset with mic for gaming and should be neck type model? like iball i675MV or creative HS 400. My budget is less than 1000k.
  14. patkim

    Creative SB sound card - LineIn / MicIn issue

    I have recently purchased Creative SB Audigy value sound card. The sound out quality is quite good, there’s one issue which is kind of bothering me! Any line out device (TV tuner line out, MP3 player line out etc) is not recognized as line-in source at the shared common line/mic port. Device...
  15. kool

    How to set front audio/mic in CPU..???

    Hi friends....... I've ASUS motherboard, (P5KPL). its 2 year old now, I want to set front audio and mic, but i dont know how. So plzz help me guys, Front USB working fine, But audio/Mic is not working, I've extra 4 nodes of wire left in cabinet. :cry::cry::cry: Phone-R Phone-L GND Mic But...
  16. Rockstar11

    Headset with Mic?

    Hello.. could you guys please suggest me a good Sound Clarity Headset with Mic that cost less than Rs.650. Lightweight and comfortable design.. using it for voice chatting and listening to music. What are the Best and Cheap brand of Headset with Mic?
  17. R

    Hazel/Elm or C905

    Hi Geeks, This time it is for my younger brother. His requirements- a) Excellent camera b) Excellent sound quality c) Only Sony Ericsson phone Budget-12k If u guys know C905(silver) is now available for just 11.8k(throwaway price) I absolutely don't understand for what good reason the prices...
  18. M

    Where should i connect my mic?

    i have a Creative Inspire M5300 5.1 channel system. the problem is, the subwoofer has got a 3 pin connection which is connected to the on-board sound card of my computer. now there is no place left for connecting a mic. how can i solve the problem?
  19. eagle06

    Need a Good Head Phones for gaming

    hi guys i am planning to buy a gaming headphones. My budget is 1-2k . I can stretch it some 500bucks more. I will be mainly using this for my cs 1.6 game and music. If it has also mic it will be good. I am presently using Sony MDR-XD100 but thr ear pads are in bad state.
  20. S

    Suggest Me A Good Headphone.....(1k-1.5k)

    Hi guyz.. please suggest me a good headphone(without mic). my budget 1-1.5k thx :smile:
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