1. ranjitsd

    Need headset for Lumia 620

    Head just died need new headset for l620 max budget is 1500rs should i go with Cowon EM1 In-the-ear Headset with Remote and Mic
  2. mohit9206

    I need a headset with mic for online gaming max budget 500rs

    The quality should be decent.I already have Philips headphones without mic so i need something with mic which is cheap yet good quality. These are a few options am considering Intex Multimedia Headphone Mega SB - Buy Online @ Price Rs.189/- | Snapdeal.com Philips PC Headset SHM1900 - Buy Online...
  3. izzikio_rage

    Replacement earbuds for Galaxy S3 upto 1.5k

    After about 8 months of use the bundled earphones with my galaxy S3 finally conked out. The wire is probably broken internally near the 3.5mm jack and now only the left earbud works. Needed some help on getting some new ear buds for it. 1. does samsung not sell replacement earbuds for this...
  4. P

    Suggestions for a quality Earphone with mic

    Hi, I am looking forward to buying an earphone with a mic of good quality . My budget is 1500 Rs . Regards, Priyan
  5. gdebojyoti

    [Buying advice needed] Over-the-ear headphone with mic | ~ Rs 1200

    I am looking for a good over-the-ear headphone, with a decent mic (with noise cancellation feature) which I will be using for recording some stuff for my videos. Preferably within Rs 1200. Which one should I go for? If possible, please include the product link from Flipkart or other...
  6. R

    Mobile Earphone with Mic Required

    Hi, Need help in buying Mobile Earphone with Mic, budget is 1.5-1.7k max, need good durability as I'm a rough user, brand doesn't matter as long as the product is worth the money. Mic is a must. Thanks
  7. R

    Need Help Choosing Mobile Earphones With Mic

    Hi, Can someone suggest which is the best Mobile Earphone with Mic for Samsung Mobile with 3.5mm jack. My Budget is 1.5k, i could go as high as 1.7k thats it.No brand preference as long as they are longlasting and of good audio quality. Thanks.
  8. N

    Mic port available in New Dell N5521

    I want to know whether there is a port for Mic in New Dell N5521. Pictures show only one port. I am not sure if it is for MIC or headphone.
  9. R

    Soldering MIC to earphone !

    Hey guyz..I recently purchased philiphs she3850 earphones only to be disappointed that it does not have a mic. I have a broken galaxy S2 factory earphone with mic working.I know bit of soldering basics, so wil the philiphs earphone work if i solder mic to it ?
  10. K

    How to record voice?

    Hi Guys, *I have got Windows 7 Ultimate,Realtek HD Audio Manager and a Headphone with mic. I would like to record my voice through Mic and hear the same with good quality of sound. Then what are the settings to be changed for the purpose? *What is the best free DEFRAGMENT software for...
  11. R

    Headphones for Samsung Mobile

    Hello Digitians, I'm looking for a Canal Headphone for Bassy music on my Galaxy S2. Should have MIC for Voice calling.Any other control features are welcome.Priority is sound and MIC. Please suggest.Budget upto 600-1000Rs. Prefer COWON,Philips,Panasonic. Thank you Guyz
  12. R

    shopping Blunder !

    After discussion on this thread http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/audio/171956-buying-canal-earphones-samsung-galaxy-s2.html I brought the "Philiphs-she3950" Combo Earphones from flipkart.The Sound quality is good , nothing spectacular but Value for money. The Problem is that it doesn't have a...
  13. vanpr7

    Over-the-ear headphones under 1.5k

    Need to buy a good pair of headphones for under 1500 INR. Will be basically using it with either the laptop or phone for listening to music and watching videos. Also it should be without a mic as it wont be needed. Thanks in advance for your replies guys. :).
  14. Ironman

    wireless Mic + headset

    i dont know if it is possible or not ( in india ) i want a wireless Mic + wireless headset (both good quality) or i want a wireless head set along with mic inbuilt (good quality) :| suggest some and where can i buy it from
  15. S

    Need IEM with MIC around 1.5K

    Hi all, Need your help in suggesting me an IEM with MIC around 1.5K. Thanks
  16. F

    Best headphones under 3.7k USB for PS3

    URGENT HELP NEEDED! Best headphones under 3.3k USB for PS3 For gaming purposes and hopefully with mic. BUDGET CHANGED TO 3300!!!
  17. S

    in-ear headphones with mic

    Guys one of my friends need an in ear headphone with mic to use with his nokia-C6. Its mainly for music and for calls. Should have good bass. The budget is around Rs.700. Please suggest some good ones with good built quality. The music is mostly desi stuff.
  18. kapilove77

    Headphone with good mic

    I need a good headphone with good mic as i am playing bf3 and need to chat more. I also listen to music. Budget is 2k and can be extended if i get better ones. :)
  19. R

    Want to buy headphones with mic for PC: Under Rs.1,000

    My brilliant Mosarbaer MB530 finally gave up after 2 years(I broke the wire). Now I want new headphones with mic, my budget is maximum Rs.1000. Please suggest some good headphones. Please don't mention Sennheiser HD 180, already wasted my money on it.
  20. R

    Full sized Headphones (Cans) With in-line mic under 3500

    Guyz...I wish to seek your expert views for purchasing a full sized headphone with in-line mic (on the wire itself) for music( punchy,bassy,big soundstage, good isolation) , movies ( crystal clear dialogues) and skype + phone chats. In short....want everything in the headphone. Won't be using...
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