1. B

    Front panel audio connection onboard help needed?

    I am having a Mobo os MSI with front panel audio connection as per Intel I/O. AC'97 6.1ch onboard. There are 10 pins on it as follows: pin 1 AUD MIC pin 2 AUD GND pin 3 AUD MIC BIAS pin 4 AUD VCC pin 5 AUD FPOUT R pin 6 AUD SPK R pin 7 HP ON No Pin key pin 9 AUD FPOUT L pin 10 AUD...
  2. julius43

    I need help in Splinter cell

    In the 3rd or 4th level there is a stage where you have to laser mic two guys talking in an elevator from a distance.The problem is that after i laser mic them till the top,it's game over for me and a message says,"objective opportunity missed". I don't know what else to do.Any helpers? :! :(...
  3. Charley

    Problem with chat softwares when playing files on mic

    I've encountered this weird problem. When I play any music/video files(Windows Media Player, Winamp) on the mic it says that it is already being used & it doesnt work. Please explain me the procedure 4 playing these files on the mic in yahoo messenger, paltalk, softwares, etc. I have...
  4. V


    i am usiing a dial up connection i would like to use my comp to recieve calls how can i do this i am able to make calls but the mic dosent sent voice !
  5. aliasghark

    need advice for digital camcorder, graphics card

    hello friends, i need your valuable advice for purchase of: 1. a digital camcorder: what features i need are: minidv, mpeg4, analouge-digital pass, 1 megapixel pic res, 20x zoom, sd/mmc slot, 0.6 or better video res, zoom mic, a/v in/out, external mic slot, good nightshot performance...
  6. Choto Cheeta

    Problem with recording in A7V8X-MX-SE

    Problem with recording in A7V8X-MX-SE I have an mobo that is ASUS A7V8X-MX-SE. in there I can’t input voice to record or voice chat. In the back I have 3 audio ports, mobo manual says 1. Line in port. This line in port connects a tape player or other audio sources. In a 6-channel mode...
  7. tweety_bird_bunny

    voice command???

    is there any software through which i can give voice commands to my pc.. like if i say "nero" in the mic , nero opens up...???
  8. R

    Selecting two audio inputs in Recording mode

    I'm using an application by which I can broadcast my screen with audio to another PC. It works fine when I play using Media player etc. But When I run an application with sound I can only send the screen but not its audio. If I go to the Volume control's Rec screen and tick the Stereo...
  9. N

    How can I record songs while listening to them online ?

    Can any1 tell me how can i record the songs & save them as mp3'z while listening to them online & without a mic (if possible) usin' a software :?: :?:
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