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  • Hi.

    I run a growing tech publication.

    Would you be interested in working with us as a full-time remote Lead Researcher?

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    Please clear your private messages as they are full and I couldn't send you pm.

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    Hello bro!

    I just loved your pics at Flickr!! You are a true professional!!

    Can I pls. get in touch with you? I am also interested in photography! Pls..!

    Which one is the best tripod for shooting films?
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    can you tell me where you found xperia ZL for 24.5k as the least price i can find online is in ebay at 25.8k.thanks.
    Yes, a cover and memory card is a must. You can get decent covers on Ebay (range from 250 - 1000), i have one for 450 bucks...for memory card u can get any 8,16 or 32 gb. current price of 8 gb is 250, 16gb is 560 and 32 gb is around 1k. Screen guard is not that much needed, but if you want to increase the life of ur fb, get one for 200 bucks...hope this helps..
    check Canon Ixus 310HS its little better then wx7 but it have touch screen

    Buy Canon IXUS 310 HS Silver Digital Camera at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews

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    Ok boss. I have really understood the comparisons that the two models are going through in our conversation. :cool:
    Now, I need to know the final verdict. WX7 or H70. Which one to buy? Which one would you buy? Or in the same price range(within 10-11K), is there any other model that you could suggest me? I have checked the Canon Powershot SX130IS, but I m not comfortable with those batteries.

    P.S. - I truly appreciate you patience with me & my questions. :) Thanks a ton pal :razz:
    Yup, you are right about that mate. WX7 is better in a number of aspects like superior auto shooting mode, a few scene selections, & of course "3D" :mrgreen:
    But what I found confusing is that in ur first reply, you stated that WX7's image quality is not too great & H70 has better zoom & better pic quality. & in yesterday's post you have stated that manual settings wouldn't help take better pics. Could you please clarify this doubt? :oops:
    I am at the learning phase of photography & I wouldn't mind spending 1grand extra for the WX7 considering it's current price difference. But what I wanna say is I don't wanna regret making a wrong choice. Coz, in the past I've used the Nikon L11 which is not functioning anymore. The image quality of that was OK. :-?
    Lemme tell you, please don't feel that I'm more towards H70 & m criticizing WX7 :-D. I'm right in between, trying to decide which one to pic for a better pic :wink:
    Firstly, thanks a ton for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it pal. :)
    Secondly, I have gone through the reviews of both. That's the actual reason of my confusion. :(
    But, do u think the 3D feature would really be of much use? Coz, features like sweep panorama, HD recording, sensitivity are available in both the models. We can say that they are close competitors. Though, there are a no. of aspects that make WX7 superior. Rather, I feel, the only parameter that is making WX7 the winner is its 3D feature. Now, H70 has a faster shooting speed & a better zoom. & as I have read in one your replies to the others, the better the zoom, the better the pics.

    Though, you would not need it, this is the link that I used to compare the 2 devices:

    Could you please help me decide on which one to buy?
    Hey man.! I read your post on various cams. I must say u indeed have deep knowledge about them. So I thought even I should ask you a question as I intend on buying a cam by the end of this month. I have gone through most of the post as I wanna buy a cam & my budget is 10K. After going through the posts & I had initially shortlisted Canon SX130 IS & Sony DSC-H70. But I was on the Sony website & noticed that there is another, Sony WX7. Even that cam seems pretty neat. Now I am confused on which one to buy. I m confused between WX7 & H70. Can you please help me out on this.?
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