1. The Sorcerer

    Video Gear...

    So... I'll be making youtube videos as a supplement to the written reviews and writeups that I typically do on my website. Things are looking good and I started a second website, so after seven years of hard work and living as a miser now I can make gradual changes. I had to import a Samson...
  2. N

    Help with extension cable

    I am using HyperX cloud core headphones which comes with Mic. The wire is only 1m and hence I am thinking to buy this extension cable. If i use it, then will my mic function as it used to function before ?
  3. vedula.k95

    Hey folks,need an Android APP which can turn my phone into a Webcam and phone Mic as a reciever.

    So the question says it all,I wan't to turn my phone into a WebCam and my phone reciever as Mic for Skype utility. Is it possible? OS:Windows 7.
  4. mikael_schiffer

    Need SUPER DURABLE Gaming Headphone whithin Rs2000 to 4000 range

    Been using my Logitech G130 "gaming" headphones for 2 months till it was beyond usable. Cellotape and Fevikwik could somehow keep it together but the strap eventually snapped and was beyond repair. A Headphone (some generic one)i owned before lasted me a week or so. I am not a rough user, my...
  5. D

    headphone with mic

    i dont know much about audios,but this time i have to take that. so i want to buy a microphone but instead of that i decided to get headphone with mic. the budget -i really dont know but it should be in low cost budget.maybe 2k.
  6. A

    Youtube Channel Camera Setup

    Hello Amazing People, I have started a Youtube channel for Fitness and Food Videos. I have been shooting with my RedMi Note 3 which is above average and satisfies my needs. I wanna do it more professionally now. I need a camera which can record atleast 1hr of footage. The DSLR's can hardly...
  7. J

    Best Build Quality IEM/Earphone under Rs 1000

    I want Best Earphone under Rs 1000. My main priority is build quality. So please suggest. If earphones has mic then its great , its optional though. Please suggest ASAP
  8. C

    NVIDIA Audio

    I connect my headphone to monitor. Monitor is connected to NVDIA graphics card (GTX 750 TI) via HDMI cable. It works fine, last day i connected earphone that comes with my android phone, sound works fine, but the mic is not working (my old headphone have no mic), i am not sure NVDIA HDMI...
  9. Xai

    New Over Ear Headphones 2-3K Gaming Movies

    Hello All, My Corsair Vengeance 1500 headphones seem to have died today, and I am in the need for a new pair of over-ear headphones @2-3K range. Main usage is gaming and watching movies. Mic would be good, but not a must. I am okay to buy a standalone mic, if the headphone is good...
  10. M

    Looking for HeadPhone with Mic

    Hello Guys, looking for Headphone with Mic.(going to use it with Oneplus One). -> MIC is must -> Budget 1000(Max 1200) -> Should be durable. -> Should have great bass Please help me in deciding. Thanks in advance. Have Sounmagic models in mind. read somewhere that they are not durable enough.
  11. nac

    Buzzing noise when using mic

    For the last 2-3 days I hear buzzing noise when using mic. There is no new hardware or software installed lately. Because of the noise, the recording sound is not that good and audible. I googled to find solution but none worked so far. I don't know what caused this problem, I would like to fix...
  12. A

    MIC is required for chatting during online gaming?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a good microphone for chatting during online gaming. I have a good headphones which are working great but the problem is it does not have inbuilt mic. Thats why I am looking for a solution that will help me to fulfill the need. I am looking for a standalone collar mic...
  13. V

    Use Headphone with mic in PC

    Hi, This seems like a very noob question but I haven't found any answers till now. I have an MSI 970A-G43 board (Realtek audio manager) with 6 audio ports. I connect an Altec Lansing 2.1 speaker to the line out port. This speaker has an earphone and mic port on it and to the earphone port, I...
  14. vedula.k95

    Need help with Steelseries Siberia Raw Wired Headset?

    Hello forum, recently bought a Siberia raw headphone,and now i have a problem. Headphone has a single input for both mic and audio and my pc seems to have two separate for audio and mic :| and my new laptop which also has one input for both mic and audio seems to be not detecting the siberia...
  15. mikael_schiffer

    Headphones with Mic for DOTA gaming (Rs1k approx or lower)

    As the title says, need a decent headset with a mic for voice chat during DOTA gaming.. I would prefer if it was below Rs1000 but i can adjust a bit more if it really gives better performance.
  16. izzikio_rage

    Headphones for Galaxy S3: Mic + control: great sound

    Hey everyone I went through the tons of threads under this one for good headphones for an Android phone. Looking for a good set for my galaxy S3. here are the main considerations, i've been using the samsung HS130 till now 1. Need the volume and call answer switch on the headphone plus mic...
  17. S

    looking for inear type of earphones for my moto g 2014

    hi all, i am on the lookout for an in ear type of earphones for my moto g 2014. it should have a mic along with a button with which i can skip or go to previous tracks and also play and pause. I have used a number of earphones in the past with a mic and button but it simply wont let me change...
  18. jackal_79

    In Ear Headphone With Mic For Android

    Hi, Iam looking for a good in-ear headphone with Mic for using with my G2. I am using phillips SHE7005 which suddenly stopped working on the right headphone. My budget is maximum of 1000 /- Should i go for my old model SHE7005 or are there any better ones from Philips in my budget range or...
  19. Nanducob

    [IEM] Soundmagic es18 vs es18s

    Hi, I had es 18 years ago and I loved it.After it died I bought cowon em1.But i didnt like it as much as es 18. So now there is a mic d version of it called es18s.I was wondering if they improved the cable in the new version(es18s)I have no use for the mic but would buy the new version of it if...
  20. S

    Decent IEM (with Mic) under 1k

    Hi friends Please suggest a decent IEM with Mic. I have consider cowman EM1. Piston 2 is been out of stock for long time. Will be using it mostly to listen classical and bollywood songs and watching videos on my mmx a117 while traveling in bus. Budget is strictly under 1K.
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