1. A

    External Speakers with Mic

    Am looking for external speakers with MIC for my android mobile phone. I found many external speakers but none with an inbuilt mic. Problem is when i am taking calls on external speaker its a hassle to keep going to the phone unlocking it and un-muting it then speaking then muting it again and...
  2. IronCruz

    Rear Pink jack not working!

    Guys bought new Philips SHM 1900 Headphone with mic. Worked perfectly on Laptop. But i wanted it for Desktop. I plugged in the rear. Speaker i.e Green Jack is proper. But i have connected my mic to pink one and it isn't working. Not even getting detected, no pop-up balloon. My Motherboard is...
  3. S

    Headset with Mic & 2.0 Speakers

    I recently finished building my rig Now I am need of good headset with mic. Budget <5000 [do not want in the ear headphones] Also need some cheap 2.0 Speakers as small as possible cause of shortage of space on desk. I mostly use headsets, just need speakers for occasional usage...
  4. R

    No AUDIO OUT AND IN through headphones

    Whenever I used to plug in my DENON headsets with my PC a pop up used to come regarding device selection. It seems i have dsiabled settings after which I cannot hear any audio out nor my mic works for Skype calling. How can I reset audio settings or troubleshoot? Untill changing settings...
  5. S

    Please Advice IEM with mic up to 3k

    Hello guys, Can you Please suggest me a good sound quality in ear headphone with mic. My budget is up to 3k. - - - Updated - - - is soundmagic e30 or brainwavz m2 come with mic?
  6. HE-MAN

    headphones with clear mic

    i need a headphone with clear mic for online gaming.
  7. D

    Audio and Mic combined port for PC - Razer Electra

    I bought a Razer Electra from flipkart Flipkart - Link I bought this headset for gaming and VOIP(Skype), I previously had some cheap Phillips ones. But now after buying it I realized that the inline mic wire provided doesn't have Y split wire for separate audio jack one for audio and one...
  8. A

    Require a Headset with mic within Rs 500

    Hi guys Any suggestion on which headset I can buy for rs 500 with mic. Only requirement is it should be In-ear.
  9. B

    want to buy IEM for $25 from amazon.com

    hi.. i want an in earphone for $25. i have a friend who is coming from US next month. please give me suggestions for earphone. I have used Soundmagic Pl10 and Brainwavz M4 previously. he said he will buy it from amazon.com. i want to use these earphone listening music from my phone, sometimes...
  10. suarezian

    [Want to Buy] Headphone

    Im looking to buy a gaming headphone with a good bass and mic. Budget is 1.8k. Location is Mumbai
  11. lywyre

    New Headset in the range Rs. 400 - 500/- for PC

    Hi, I am looking for on the ear headset in the range of Rs. 400 to 500. Will be using for 2 to 3 hours voice conversations, so a good mic is necessary and should be comfortable when wearing for extended time (max 3 hours). Range: Rs. 400 - 500 Want: Clear mic, comfort (upto 3 hours)...
  12. doomgiver

    Need recommendations for device to facilitate voice communication.

    First of all, a bit of back (and sob) story : You see, I am suffering from a not-so-rare disease. Thats why I didnt come on TDF for the last few months. Its not genetic, and its apparently a spontaneous one, and can strike anyone at any time. It is not communicable, unless you spend too much...
  13. nick191

    Headphone for Galaxy S4 (with MIC) !

    Hello everyone, I want to buy new In-Ear Headphone for my S4 which has MIC and good sound quality bass and treble balanced well, with three button control. The budget is 3.5K rupees. Thank you in advance.
  14. R

    Headphone with Mic

    Advice for purchasing a Headphone with Mic at Rs. 3500/ Old Sound Card installed: SB0570 Audigy SE Sound Card OS: Win 8.1 Pro X64. (a good microphone for voice recording/ skype must necessary)
  15. s18000rpm

    [URGENT] Headphone with mic for Nexus 5 - Skullcandy @1.3k okay deal?

    Should I buy Skullcandy S2IKDY-003 Ink'd 2 @1.3k ? Skullcandy S2IKDY-003 Ink'd 2 Headset - Skullcandy: Flipkart.com Budget 1.5k bought from Amazon for Rs.1050 Skullcandy S2IKDY-003 Ink'd 2 In-Ear Headphone with Mic: Amazon.in: Electronics
  16. A

    Best earphones in 5000 range for movies

    Hi, Budget : 5000/- Type : i have lenovo Y500 laptop witch comes with dolby home theater Use : Movies & songs (movies come with DTS or AC3 5.1 so if i can get true 5.1 enable headphoe.) No Mic Features required : Surround sound,5.1 or higher links for where to buy them in India online...
  17. happy17292

    Headphones for desktop use [Music, gaming and movies] under 1.5k

    1.What is your budget? Ans:Rs.1500 [max to max 1.8k, not a penny more] 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: music [little bit gaming and movies] 3. What kind of Headphone do you require? A) Open headphone (with or without MIC support) B)...
  18. bhushan2k

    Need earphone below 1k with mic

    I'm not at all expert in audio technology..so damm confused while choosing these..want excellent audio quality (WITH MIC) the best i can get within 1k... Have narrowed down these ear buds..though m not sure about all of them have built-in mic.. Skullcandy 2XL spoke ep 600 Ep 630 Sm es 10 Sm es...
  19. TheHumanBot

    conferance phone with extra speakers?

    hi guys, i need to buy 1 phone device for conference. 5-6 people can talk easily and if possible they each one have a speaker and in-built mic with it. anyone knows anything like this ? no idea what to google ); Help Please. it's urgent. :|
  20. X

    Need headphones for under 1.5k

    Q What kind? A Both IEM or OEM. Q Genre? A Pop, hip hop, rock(occasionaly). Q With or without a carrying bag? A Carrying pouch is a must. Q Phone, iPod, Desktop? A Xperia P Lt22i. Q Brand? A Any as long it provides a good warranty span. Q Mic? A Mic is a must. Q Bass? A Yes, as long as it...
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