1. rhitwick

    WIN 10 context menu query

    Hi, is it possible to add an option to search in 'IMDB' on the context menu. What I want? I've folders with movie names, I want to right click on the folder and want an option in the context menu of search in IMDB. Is it possible?
  2. B

    GTA IV compatibility issue

    Hi Guys, I bought GTA IV at a rock bottom price from some store. When I started the game, the resolution was 800x600, I changed the setting from the in-game setting menu and the resolution is fine now but the graphics sucks. The graphics tab in the in-game setting menu keeps on telling me that...
  3. M

    How to add Notepad++ to the Right Click New Menu of Context Menu in Windows 8.1

    I recently installed Notepad++. But I do not find it on the Right Click New Menu of Context Menu. How to add it. Or any other Application to the Right Click New Menu of Context Menu for that matter. My Os is Windows 8.1.
  4. Gollum

    VU 32K160 Rev D Review 32" LED TV

    This is a Cheap and low cost LED TV by VU, otherwise known as HiSense Display 1360x768 @60Hz 16mil color TN panel? 6ms - good viewing angles Speakers a Dual 6w with good enough Sound for a TV HDMI x2 (Supports PCM 2 Ch audio Only) HDMI 1.3 DVD Component Y, Pb (Cb), Pr (Cr) x1 Composite x1 RF...
  5. sujeet2555

    [Open] some context menu items are disabled/missing

    i have window 7 64bit .i tried some softwares for explorer transparency and "Windows 7 Folder Background Changer" .they were not successful ,so i removed them . now i am facing 3 problems:- 1.there was "large icon ,medium icon ,classic icon " menu item missing on desktop right click menu...
  6. Inceptionist

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla. You really don't know the phrase 'don't try fix what isn't broken'.
  7. ramakanta

    Classic Menu on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

    Yesterday I have install ubuntu 14.04 LTS( Install inside windows 7). previous was 10.04. when open 14.04 , there is some missing which is Menu bar . screenshot attached . how to return ubuntu 10.04 like envirnoment . please help me . thank you .
  8. L

    Can't get the "send to" shortcut working

    I can use ES File explorer fine. I can also go to "lan" and it always sees a drive I have attached to my router. It never sees the other computers, I always have to press "scan". I can then see everything I want to, however, it is MUCH easier to use the "send" command. There is even a new...
  9. S

    Dual boot win7 on preinstalled win8

    hi I have win8 as a default os and I want to install win7 on it and dual boot. Will it give an dual boot menu or not I am having uefi bios and GPT partition and I will be installing win7 x64 so will it give a dual boot menu or not if i install win7 on it.
  10. Inceptionist

    Wacom Bamboo One - Pen buttons are not working

    Pen of Bamboo One tablet in question is working when moving the cursor around. But as soon as I click a button, right click menu gets displayed. No matter which button I'm pressing, it shows only the right click menu. It has been working fine for almost 8 months, this is the first time I'm...
  11. ramakanta

    Menu Key Not working

    in MS word 2007 My menu key not working for spelling correction check . how it work ??/. previously it was ok .
  12. topgear

    Issue With Opera Browser

    Have a look at the screenshot : now I want this window menu ( or whatever it is ) gone and get the back all the menu accesssible from the opera icon on the top left corner .. using the most recent non beta version without any sort of themes, plugins or addons other than default .. also...
  13. RCuber

    Do you miss the Start Menu?

    Do you miss the start menu in Windows 8? I haven't missed it at all. EDIT: BTW.. Please share your experience when not using a start menu replacement app. I also use a paid app, but I noticed that I hardly use it :p
  14. N

    Micromax Funbook too many pattern attempts

    Hey, I bought micromax funbook few months ago. Now it is locked due to too many pattern attempts. As the wi-fi is off i can't connect to internet to unlock it from gmail account. so i read on the internet and tried to hard-reset the is what i did 1.Turned the tablet off...
  15. M

    How to get a multiboot menu from 3 oses installed across 2 hdds ?

    I have xp and vista installed in one hdd and that comes up with a multiboot menu having xp and vista as the 2 options. I also have win 7 installed in another hdd and when needed, i have to go and change the hdd sequence from bios to run win7. Is there any software so that i can get a 3 choice...
  16. N

    Need a Software : Help Digitians !!

    Hello friends, Plz help me out of this problem.. I need a software to solve my this problem as follows. I am having 3 Programs with there exe files and installation files. Now i want To create a DVD ,which Gives me an AUTORUN feature , to run these Programs singly and install them one by one...
  17. A_ashish_A

    Same ip address problem

    I am using bsnl ymax 512mb broadband. Bsnl has provided me a modem from which I've connected my pc. Address to access modem's menu is I am planning to get an Asus RT-13U router for 24x7 torrent dnlding. Now the problem is that I read on net that address to access routers menu is...
  18. T

    Ghost Backup Image

    Last time I was performing backup, the pc unexpectedly shut down, while the backup process was incomplete. After booting, the incompletely backed image was taking 89GB space, so I deleted it. But again the next time I turned on my pc, it magically reappeared. Since then I tried deleting it...
  19. CommanderShawnzer

    LG 32" Full HD LCD TV review

    Model : 32LK430 website :LG 32LK430 LCD TV - New Member of the Jazz Series LCD TV - LG Electronics IN Un-Boxed and set-up Boxed Specifications Screen Size : 32"(80cm) Resolution : 1920 x 1080(Full HD) Speakers : 300W PMPO(15 x 2,30W RMS) Connectivity 1 x USB(side) 3 x HDMI(1 x side,2 x rear)...
  20. Faun

    Floating menu CSS

    How do I make the floating menu like this website: EON11-S Custom Gaming Laptop Product Features and Details | ORIGIN PC Currently it's like this on my website: psygeist Floating menu should move up once the user scroll past the header.
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