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  • ok..got it...one more thing...by installing 7 fans in all, does it require a lot of power to run all those fans?...the reason i m asking is bcos, whn i asked this question in the forum i was told dat i will require atleast a 750w PSU to run 5-6 fans, instead of the corsair vx 550w, which i was thinking of earlier....but whn i checked the power consumption figures on CMaster website, it is said dat each fans consumes hardly 3 watts...so total consumption of all fans must not be exceeding 20-30 watts...heck..even the ceiling fans wont consume dat much power as was told to me in the forum...but i didnt wanna argue over there....also, wat about noise?...are these fans silent or they create a lot of noise??...thnx for the help...
    hmmm....u mean to say that 7 fans come alongwith the cabinet?...bcos on the site, only 2 fans are given and the rest are said to be "Optional".
    The CM 690 RC-690 NVIDIA Sli is of black colour vid 7 fans installed.
    the odr model isCM 690 NVIDIA Edition
    (NV-690C-KWN1-GP)Sli green vich u want to buy is a bit highly priced vid no upgraded parts.....
    Same Model same parts,same place of everything....i highly recommend NOT TO GO for Green 1.....

    "Fools Go perishing towards Success evn tho they kno they r wrong"

    both r hig end gaming gaming chassis..
    Same Mesh...Just the DIFFERNCE is that Acrylic Sheet...
    Well the vendor gives u additional option of Acrylic sheet for just 350Rs more.

    Here is d 1 u want


    Here is the 1 i Have n wud recommend it over the abv


    Can u See any Difference????
    hi there...i think u have CM 690 Nvidia Edition cabinet (green)...i was planning to go 4 dat cabby and put 5 fans in all....i wanted to know, hw is this cabinet...r u satisfied with it? Also, for how much did u get it?...and when?...wud be grateful if u cud answer my queries...thnx
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