Classic Menu on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


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Yesterday I have install ubuntu 14.04 LTS( Install inside windows 7). previous was 10.04. when open 14.04 , there is some missing which is Menu bar .

screenshot attached .


how to return ubuntu 10.04 like envirnoment . please help me . thank you .


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I can't see that img you posted, its not clear

you mean changing desktop manager?

In login screen, you can select gnome classic,gnome ,etc DMs.



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^^Right. He means he's missing the top menubar which was there on Old version of Ubuntu's prior to Unity.

@OP Do as gopi said. Ubuntu shifted from Gnome to Unity as their default Desktop Environment.


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but how can we get back the old good Gnome, or is it anyway we can have both installed, i do like unity, but itsmore suitable for tablets and touch screen
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