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    1. topgear
    2. suvo2059
      need some help i want to upgrade my speakers from logitech z 2300 digital 2.1 ch to logitech z 906 i use asus crosshair v formula z motherboard is my motherboard ready for logitech z 906 5.1 ch speakers ?
    3. Vyom
      Are you Back after a long time? :D
    4. dizzy
      Bro pm me ur mobile number if possible.. Watsapp
    5. newhere
      Thank you for all the help!
    6. newhere
      Thanks for your reply on the Kingston Hyper X Fury in place of Kingston Hyper X blu. Does the Invoice need to specify Model No and Serial number for it to be a valid proof of purchase for RMA?
    7. newhere
      Need some help. I was referred to you. I ordered a Kingston hyper x blu 8gb ram. Seller delivered Kingston hyper x fury 8 GB. Invoice doesn't mention model specifics. Just says Kingston PC ram 1x8gb. Will this be an issue for after sales service or RMA? Is the Kingston hyper x fury officially available in India yet?
    8. true_lies
      don't know if this is the right place to do it but I would just like to know why my thread was closed in the Technology News section by a mod, not that I broke any rules.
    9. saswat23
      I need your suggestions. Please view my thread in GPU section.
    10. TechnoHolic
      Some times when i pressed power button of CPU the monitor light starts blinking and Power indicator lights up but no hdd response, found that processor fan is still whining, this thing happened 3-4 times can you guess what is the problem.
    11. harshilsharma63
      Then how did you do that?

      p.s; I'm not gonna copy your style, only for educational purposes :D
    12. harshilsharma63
      How did you do that, individual color codes for each letter?
    13. harshilsharma63
      Nice color effect in your sig :)
    14. saswat23
    15. saswat23
      Any idea??
    16. saswat23
      Check this:
      Will this be a good option as a surge protector?

      My UPS is not working currently with such low voltages most of the times. But if I connect my PC directly to the mains, it works fine. And sometimes I am getting Random Restarts and a message displays that PC was shutdown to protect it from surges.

      So, will this be a good option?
    17. saswat23
      thanks buddy :-)
    18. saswat23
      For Rs.450 it makes an ideal choice compared to Rs.500-550 of TF-400.
    19. saswat23
      Still, which one would you choose?
    20. saswat23
      Then DP Z5 vs CM TF-400.
      Which one?
      Even in one review I read that Z5 provides better results than Z3 and Z9.
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