Can't get the "send to" shortcut working


Broken In
I can use ES File explorer fine. I can also go to "lan" and it always sees a drive I have attached to my router. It never sees the other computers, I always have to press "scan". I can then see everything I want to, however, it is MUCH easier to use the "send" command. There is even a new shortcut on the sharing menu for all the apps. So, for example, I can look at a picture in the gallery, click the share icon at the top, and then I see "send by lan" as one of the choices. This has a little "es" as part of the icon. It immediately goes into "scanning" mode but then pops up a box that says "please check wireless connection. Or you can create a hotspot location and invite others". There are other options and buttons.

This exact same option can be selected inside ES File Explorer. You find a file on your phone and hold down on it for 3 seconds. The menu at the bottom now changes. To the right is "more" with 3 vertically arranged dots. Select that and there is an option to "send". Same screen as above pops up. It doesn't recognize the network that I can use in the manual method everyone shows here. What am I missing?
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