1. L

    5.1 home theatre with standalone dvd player

    Hey guys, i m totally confused with my dvd player behavior, i have connected my 5.1 home theatre to my dvd player correctly as per respective connections on both ends. now when i turn my dvd player on 5.1 audio mode n play movie, the main dialog track seems missing, i just get all other front...
  2. G

    Doordarshan kendra caught in superstition

    :lol: *
  3. S

    Buying a blackberry phone

    Hi guys, my dad wants to buy a Blackberry. I have shortlisted some models (these are the only ones with a touchscreen) : 1.Bold 9900 2.Torch 9810 3.Bold 9790 4.Torch 9860 5.Curve 9380 Now my doubts : 1.Which one would be the best among these, considering that the main usage is emailing...
  4. C

    Bluetooth Stereo Head Set upto 1.2K max

    Hello guys, I am planning to buy Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Please Suggest some good ones. My use will be for a jog when i will be able to use cordlessly. So sound quality will be main criteria. I have found some: NOKIA BLUETOOTH STEREO HEADSET BH-214 NOKIA BLUETOOTH STEREO...
  5. rajsujayks

    Monetizing a website/blog!

    At last, I have my website up and running! It's here at: | Please check it and give me feedback. My main question though is: Which is the best way to monetize a website or a blog..? :smile:
  6. Nipun

    Dual Display Doesn't run properly.

    Hello people! After reading a thread about dual display setup I had a feeling about trying it myself so I attached monitor from my old PC with current PC.:mrgreen::)) Both displays are working fine, I can drag and drop the windows I want to other screen BUT when I tried to run Burnout...
  7. A

    HP DV6-6165tx vs HP DV4-3145tx ?????

    Hi, I am looking for a replacement to my prev. Gen DV6(in my sig.) Main requirements: 1.Gaming:GTA4,Crysis,COD,NFS,Battlefield etc etc 2.AutoCAD Civil,also 3D in future 3.Battery life of atleast 3Hours using Wifi web browsing at College :) (The main reason ffor swap!) So please suggest...
  8. Gauravs90

    Array in c problem

    I'm using windows 7 64-bit and codeblocks mingw for compiling the following program #include<stdio.h> int main() { int i,len,a[100]; printf("enter the no. of elements\n"); scanf("%d",&len); printf("enter the integers\n"); for(i=0;i<len;i++) scanf("%d",a[i])...
  9. G

    Gaming Rig for 30k without Monitor. Help ?

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? A: Gaming, HD Movies, surfing 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers? If not- why? A: Yes 3. What is your MAX budget? A: 30,000 4. Planning to overclock? A: No 5. Which OS are you...
  10. soyab0007

    Required Best 2.1 speakers

    Looking for Best 2.1 speakers Budget Rs1300 Have options like: Creative SBS A300 2.1 Altec Lansing VS2621 2.1 iBall Tarang 2.1 Logitech Z313 logitech z103 Any other options.. Main use of speaker is music and casual gaming....
  11. bijay_ps

    what is *&???

    I got this question from a study material for GATE exam. The code is as follows:#include<stdio.h> void main() { char *p; p="Hello"; printf("%c\n",*&*p); } someone please explain me what is this *&*p and what and how it does??
  12. 1

    What is Better i7 2600 with 8G ram or i& 950 12G ram

    Its been a while since i looked at getting a new computer to replace my 6 year old one. My current one is a Pentium 4 3G prcoessor with 2Gb Ram 256Mb graphics card. Naturally I have no clue about computers atm and compared what I am used to all modern computers sound amazing. If the first 1...
  13. K

    Win 7 login problem

    Hi friends, today I got a bad problem from Windows 7 login process. when I want to login with my password, it shows an error message like below; "The user profile service failed the login. user profile cannot be loaded." As my known, my laptop have the two main problem. First, I installed too...
  14. MegaMind

    Touch screen mobile under 7K..

    Hey guys my cousin needs a touch mobile around 7K... Main preference is touch screen...
  15. S

    DotA players

    Hey there guys. I have checked out this subforum but I don't find anyone who plays DotA. It's an excellent strategic game and there are a LOT of players in India itself and tournaments are regularly organized.This game is present in 90% of the game cafes in India.Just check out this...
  16. A

    i7 950 vs i7 2600k(sandy bridge)?

    Which of these two processors will better considering the following components.. 1. i7 950(lga 1366) supports tri channel memory as opposed to dual channel of i7 2600k(lga 1155) 2.lga 1366 has more pci-e lanes 3. lga 1155 is a main stream as opposed to high end lga 1366 also I guess the...
  17. T

    VFM Mobile - 15k

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy a new phone for my cousin brother . His main requirements would be push email , Editing and viewing documents ,good application support. My max budget is 15k. I was thinking of going for HTC wildfire. Can you please suggest some VFM models. PS : Suggest me one...
  18. sanads

    want a netbook at 17k

    3g enable ,wifi, and good battery back up the main feture I want mainly used for internet surfing????????????
  19. Artemis

    ----->>>>>Power Supply, Monitor Help!!!

    Need to buy a Power Supply for my PC, decided on a FSP 350w but its not available here, so please recommend me another for not more than 1500Rs. Please reply fast. Also Samsung B2230 is quoted for 8900Rs. Is that too much? Any other monitors within 22” that support HD, and are good too...
  20. veddotcom

    [C++] Need help with Pointers

    CODE 1 void main() { int arr[]={11,12,13,14,15}; cout<<&&*arr; //this line gives Expression Syntax Error, WHY??????? } CODE 2 void main() { int arr[]={11,12,13,14,15}; cout<<&(&*arr); //this line gives Lvalue Required Error, WHY??????? } What i m thinking....may...
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