1. S

    Cant find a suitable laptop for basic use!!

    I have a good PC , need a backup laptop. to keep turned on for hours to download large files. and to browse internet when there is no power to run my main PC. I have no intention to use a laptop while travelling. Main concern in loooong battery backup. HDD is must. there were my options...
  2. T

    Any suggestion on Laptop

    I am thinking about having a New Laptop. My budget is $700-$900. Main concern is RAM and Graphics. Any suggestion would be much appreciated.
  3. J

    stabilizer needed specifically for AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch?

    guys o i need stabilizer specifically for1.5ton AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch which serve my whole house? thanks in advance.
  4. mastersquall

    Desktop restart on generator supply

    Hi guys, i am having strange issue when Main electricity goes off inverter get turn on and being on UPS mode my pc doesn't restart and when main electricity comes back everything goes smoothly and my pc running perfectly fine . If electricity doesn't come back within 20min then our sector...
  5. ithehappy

    Upgrading. Kindly suggest [~60k]

    I am done with my buddha system, which is in signature. I am not filling up all those questionnaires and stuffs, cause I will not be buying whole system. - Budget: My budget is 60k (it was 50k actually, but after seeing Motherboard prices I actually farted) - Components required: I am only...
  6. A

    Router Tweking

    Need help.. Is it possible to set the router (Netgear N150 adsl wifi), in such a way that the main pc gets all the speed and the other devices like other laptops phones etc connected to it gets limited/specified speeds ?
  7. A

    Audio system for my TV

    Please suggest if these F&D speakers are good. If i can connect them and get proper 5.1 effect. My TV is BPL LED . I watch movies mainly via chromecast. No HD Channels as of now. My main concern is whether ill get the 5.1 effect. Any other speakers please suggest :). My budget is 10k max. :razz...
  8. $hadow

    Xiaomi mi band review.

    A band for the average joe Disclaimer: I am using this band for about 10 days now and can easily state my views on many aspects of this band I got this for 999 form mi website. The band is a two component device one is the band itself and other is the main device which works as the main...
  9. S

    IEM ,s needed for edm music

    hey friends i m currently in search of earphones and i have a max budget of 1500 rupees strict. ( if it comes in 1000 rs then its even better ).....I mostly listens to edm songs of tchami , oliver helden , tiesto , david guetta etc etc bass is my main priority along with good sound...
  10. B

    Need System Configurations for Cybercafe ???

    hello Digitors , 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: MS-Office, Adobe Cs6 , Assassins creed...
  11. setanjan123

    btech confusion

    Guys i was wondering how much programming part is there in WBUT syllabus in IT stream. Im just in 1st year. I knw in 2nd year there is C. But is there java,sql etc or that is in CSE? What is the main diff b/w CSE and IT when it comes down to programming?
  12. M

    Cabinet for my new Gaming PC

    Hi everyone...........i was thinking to buy a cool pc cabinet for my new gaming pc,so if anybody could suggest me.........Thanks BUDGET-5k-10k BTW what is the main purose of such a costly cabinet when you can buy cabinets worth 2k-3k???
  13. M

    Need help in Overclocking

    hi guys.i will be buying a new gaming pc and wanted to collect some info. about over clocking that how to and what is the use of overclocking.(i mean that i know,but my main question is how to overclock and if there are any harms of it)
  14. mikael_schiffer

    Yo Tab users! is the Xele Togra Neto Sovon worth it for Rs14k ???

    Check this out, dont you think its a great buy ? Indiatimes is selling for Rs14,500 and Amazon is selling for Rs14,900 The thing is , should i spend more (for Nexus 7 2k13) or is it better to save money and get this instead? My main applications will be (in order of priority)...
  15. A

    tablet for 19k rupees

    I am confused between dell venue 8 and kindle fire 8.9. Main use is games amd watching movies amd hd shows in bed.
  16. anarchy0x

    Buying 2TB external HD..To make an internal HD external using casing or buy an original external?

    Spoke with a computer tech, he said that if an internal is converted to external, it gives better speed. Another one said an original external gives better speed. So I am confused. My main need is storage though I would like it to be fast, if feasible.
  17. R

    Need a Workstation - Looking for VFM and Future-proofing

    Hi All, My first post on this forum. Have been following TDF for many years and reading the mag for many more. For the last 5 years I have been using a c2d Samsung laptop that served me loyally during my college days. Never switched it off for days at end (Max uptime : 30-35 days). The...
  18. N

    Nokia Lumia 625 or 720

    Should I buy Nokia Lumia 625 or Lumia 720? 625 is cheaper than 720. I wonder what's the main difference between these two models Please help.
  19. M

    earphones for 5k

    hi guys.... i am planning to buy a 5k earphones... headphones will also do bt they should be portable... main purpose is listening to music for a long time.... suggest some good earphones preferably pls... :)
  20. R

    Need an Affordable Android

    Need an Affordable Android Mobile My friend Arun(who's torturing me to post this thread in Think DIGIT), wants to buy an android mobile with the following specs::-D :-D 1) Android OS(Above 4.0 Jelly Bean) 2) 5 MP Camera 3) 3G 4) Expected Brands: Sammy, LG, Karbonn, Lenovo. 4) And, the...
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