1. nithinks

    Data disc--Printing directory?

    Digit forum members; I Want to create a list of all directories and subfolders in a Data disc So that i can print a label for my mp3s which contains all songs as well as their film names. format; MAIN FOLDER NAME(Name of yhe film) | |...
  2. godsownman


    I would like to know if there is any way to make an email address which would have your surname as the last part like should be substituted with etc......... but the mail should be forwarded to the main Gmail address. What i mean is that the main address should be say...
  3. ashisharya

    Does Hibernating Computer take MB?

    Does hibernating take space in MBs? Whats the main benefit of hibernating computer?
  4. P

    networking two windows xp home computers

    hi all i have two windows xp home edition systems , connceted them to as lan , gave ip address n subnet for main system and and subnet for the other sytem . now the problem is that other system with ip can see main...
  5. D

    Help with laptop plz...

    hi friends, as most of u would have guessed i am not a computer guy but know just a bit. actually i need u r help. i am thinking of buying a budget notebook and of those available in india i have shortlisted 2. the main difference as i can think of is between the processors 1. Intel...
  6. A

    norton systemworks main page does not load

    Hi All i have AMD 2400+ with ASUS motherboard. i am using Windows XP Professional edition with Service Pack 2. i have installed Norton Systemworks2005 on my computer. i regularly update it from the Net using LiveUpdate. two days back when i try to open main page of Systemworks2005, ther...
  7. K

    Help me to run multiple PC with onle one

    Could u tell me how can i run multiple PC using 1 PC. I mean I have 1 PIV Intel Pentium HT 4.0 Processor, Intel 915 Main borad, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB 10000 RPM HDD. Now I have 4 Monitors, keyboards n mouse. i want to connect these devices with my main just only monitor n other devices. n play...
  8. tuxfan

    Hotmail problems

    I am not able to sign into my hotmail account. The password is correct. Everytime I try to log in, I am presented with a picture of characters and numbers. I enter the exact text and click on sign in. It again takes me back to the main page :( What could be wrong? I even cleared my firefox...
  9. D

    Temporary C++ amnesia 8|

    Simple one. But the result I expected was 1 while the actual thing is 2. So what exactly am I forgetting here? :shock:
  10. S

    rediffmail problem in

    hi..guys. i hav win xp n win 98 on my machine ...problem is that whenever i try to login to rediff mail from my xp ...error messege come"your login has expired" while this site is working very fine in win98 ....this is the main problem for me as i usually use xp...n i had to use 98 just to...
  11. N

    How to do?

    I once saw on main page to to install linux directly from dvd without burning to cd how to do it where is it now on the main page?
  12. S

    how can i merge 2 internet connections on the same pc??

    hi all need some help here its like that i have a free isp on which i get connection speeds of around 40 kbps. i also plan to get a cable connection soon. my main query is that is there any way by which i can bridge both of my connections together to make a real broadband connection...
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