1. akhilc47

    Why there's variables defined inside the main??

    I am new to c programming and my prof has given me an assignment to do. He has given a stub code in which I have to add some more lines to complete it. I have a very basic knowledge of C programming and I've always started with main(). But first line of prof was like this: int main(int argc...
  2. dusu94

    Difference between Gtx 650ti 1gb and 2 gb

    I wanna ask a question that really what is the main difference between 650ti gtx 1gb and 2 gb...? * i went to this site and they said the cards were similar so why the hell is the 2gb version expensive and what is the main difference between the two....?
  3. J

    Wanna buy a high end tablet before summer Holidays

    3G TABLET 30-40k Hi I'm a class 11 student and wanna buy a tablet as we have vacation ls after class 10 boards. MY MAIN PRIORITIES ARE- 9-10" screen full HD Quad core processor 2gb ram 32gb storage 2 cameras ips panel I can wait till end may for it.. The main options are Xperia...
  4. Y

    WD or Seagate internal HDD

    Confused about 500gb seagate barracuda or WD black/blue..main purpose is gaming. Please advice.
  5. Theodre

    Gnome 3.8 Released!!

    The GNOME Desktop Environment which is one of the most popular DE in the linux community have released their latest version 3.8. The latest version comes with a lot of improvements (ofcourse :) ) One of the main focus being the privacy and one of the main change being the applications showing...
  6. V

    Budget processor motherboard with ddr2 and graphic cars

    hi experts this is my first post I want to buy a motherboard with ddr2( cuz I already have a2gb) and an amd processor and a graphic card (if possible) for under 10000to15000.its main use is to hook up to hdtv and gaming (if it can handle games)
  7. A

    Help me choose between these two hp laptops!!

    Hi, i'm thinking of buying a laptop.. Max budget- 43k. Went to the nearest hp store, they offered me two deals- Hp g4 2049tx- 36.5k without anything extra. But with mouse, headset, 4gb pen drive, 2gb extra ram - 37.8k The other one is hp g6- 2320tx- 44k. Approx 6k more for just 1.6 inch screen...
  8. V

    New IPS monitor budget around 15k..

    Plz help me buy a IPS Full HD monitor 21''-23'' 16:9 display ratio. I bought dell st2320l 3 months back and was really really disappointed. Very high brightness even at zero, very bad colors and despicable viewing angles. Giving it to somebody now.. Main purpose is surfing, watching movies in...
  9. Ashokkumar01cbe

    whts Going inside the printf..

    when i compile the below code 1) program main( ) { printf ( 5 + "Good Morning " ) ; } i got the result as Morning.. and in another code 2) program main( ) { printf ( "%c", "abcdefgh"[4] ) ; } in the 2nd program i got the result a "e"...
  10. Ashokkumar01cbe

    whts doing inside the printf..

    when i compile the below code 1) program main( ) { printf ( 5 + "Good Morning " ) ; } i got the result as Morning.. and in another code 2) program main( ) { printf ( "%c", "abcdefgh"[4] ) ; } in the 2nd program i got the result a "e"...
  11. S

    Multiple PC configurations and connectivity options

    I'm setting up a design center and cafe in my city and I require multiple pc configs and connectivity options for that. Details are: 1) 5 low end PCs capable of net browsing, counter-strike, etc. 2) 1 PC for the reception for billing, printing, scanning, etc. 3) 2 PCs capable of photo...
  12. V

    needed a New rig for Performance (is the priority!)

    1.Things on my mind. Purpose:Lots of image processing, hd videos, gaming, programming, heavy web browsing. 2.range 40k to 45k. 3.suggest a processors(ocing in near future). 4.Please differentiate z77,z68,p67....,b77 etc. In intel and a55, a75... In amd. 5.suggest main board particularly for...
  13. M

    Sample papers for JEE Main Paper 2 for B.Arch

    I have applied for JEE main paper 1and 2. please link me to some sites which have the previous years aieee b arch papers. i think the pattern for the jee main 2013 paper 2 will be same ?? if not , upload any papers you guys have. please. even one paper will do the work.. i have...
  14. T

    Showing Error While Logging...PLZ. HELP !!

    when i log into * it shows error saying : The Requested Resource does not exists . Go to main page of this application! see the pic below..
  15. Mainak23

    Suggest: Suitable 2.1 Speakers under 12k

    Hi guys... I want to buy a 2.1 speakers ...The main concern for me is high bass capacity and clear sounds. Budget:- 10-12k Main Purpose:- Mainly watching Movies, Listening songs And playing games sometimes...
  16. M

    JEE main confirmation page print problems

    i have applied for jee main 2013 and also paid the fees. when i tried to print the confirmation page in a4 size paper (as was stated in the instructions) , the page gets cut and also splits into two pages. what am i supposed to do ? please help..
  17. NightRider

    I5 2400 vcore voltage

    Guys i need a little help.I m using i5 2400 processor.Bios is showing that my vcore voltage is 1.248. Is it normal.Actually it is flactuating between 1.116V & 1.251.Now afaik processor runs at full speed at bios.Is it true.Please clarify. I usually dont use monitoring soft.But downloaded...
  18. G

    Need Advice on Tablet below 15k

    Hi Guys, Need your help and advice to buy a tablet. My budget is 10k but i can maximum extent it to 15k not more. I should be able to hook this tablet to my 40inch LCD TV and watch movies, this is my main criteria other than casual browsing and mild gaming. So which one should i opt for, Main...
  19. K

    meaning of this song?

    what is the meaning of this song. "Kilimanjaro ladki parvat ki yaaro Isska roop nihaaro yaaro yaaro Mohenjo daro issko dil mein utaaro Jungle jungle pukaro yaaro yaaro Aadivaasi jungle vaasi peelay rasto saiyan Dose dose ithe uthe sher se daanth ladaiyan Ajgar saanto daal de fandey...
  20. rijinpk1

    Recursive call to main() in C

    Write a c pgm which rewrites "The universe is never ending" using recursion so that it terminate after 17 calls. Your pgm should consist of a single main() function that calls itself recursively. This question seems to be simple but asked for 15 marks. So I need answers from u guys. Help me...
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