1. digibrush

    Lost USB port!

    It was started 5/6 days ago. My usb Mouse was not working. No light on mouse... After changing the USB port its working well until second day. Again no light on mouse. change to another port it is working well. I checked top two port with my other USB device, they were not working except...
  2. M

    lost my data....

    i updated my ipod touch software version (4.2) after installation of updates i saw that i lost my all data( videos,photos etc..) how to recover all that??? i tried recovery option but it dosent work ....
  3. quicky008

    Want to recover lost data-please help :(

    I have lost around 5 GB of data from partition j of my hard drive.It appears that the files were deleted accidentally.This data is very important to me-i'll be in great trouble if i am unable to recover it.Among the lost data,there was a large .iso file that i require urgently.I have tried...
  4. D

    Help Regarding Lost Phone

    Guys , Many of you know about cop@vsnl.net ..that is if you lose your mobile phone by giving in the details like Your name: Address: Phone model: Make: Last used No.: E-mail for communication: Missed date: IMEI No: it can be found... I have a doubt , what does Last used No...
  5. S

    is dual channel property lost on installing 6 GB RAM?

    hi, my mobo supports dual channel ddr2 memory. i have already installed 2x2GB and the dual channel mode is shown in cpu-z. question is - if i install another 2 gb stick (total 6GB), will the dual channel property be lost or 2 sticks will continue in dual channel mode and the 3rd on single...
  6. Vyom

    How much time do you spend on TDF on an average.

    Its about to become 2 years, since I joined TDF. I was excited at first, then I lost touch. And now I am trying to compensate for the lost time. Today suddenly, I realized the reason behind, this gap. When I had joined TDF in May 2009, I was on Orkut. Soon I left Orkut and migrated towards...
  7. S

    pendrive space lost!!!!!!!!

    hi i formatted a pendrive from windows7 of 16gb while formatting i forgot to check the settings and after format it gave me FAT partition and only 68mb of free space can anybody help me out of it how can i bring the 16gb space back? pls reply
  8. adirawat20

    IP address password lost :-x

    I recently changed my modem's setting from OPEN to WPA2-PSK and so i also changed my passwords, modem ip address and its password, Now i had lost my modem ip address and wpa2-psk password so i am not able to use wifi anymore. What should i do? Thanks
  9. N

    Samsung warranty?

    I purchased an samsung 2233sw+ lcd an year ago... but the side buttons have started malfunctioning, i wish to replace my lcd from samsung service centre, but i have lost my bill, can they give me an replacement warranty without bill? I am from mumbai!!
  10. azzu

    GFail - Thousands of Users Lose Google Mail Data

    source : GFail - Thousands of Users Lose Google Mail Data > News on Internet Internet & Software > Tech2.com India aZZu
  11. gameranand

    Making Connection Automatically in MTNL Data Card

    Hey Guys I use MTNL Data card for Internet and the problem is it comes with some software MTNL 3G .So every time I start my computer or the connection is lost I have to connect manually. Is there something I can do to make that automated so that it automatically connect to net whenever PC starts...
  12. topgear

    Lost Planet 2 Discussion Thread

    The next instalment in the popular action series returns in Lost Planet 2. Lost Planet™: Extreme Condition, the landmark third-person shooter that debuted on Xbox 360, went on to sell over 2.2 million units worldwide after its release. Lost Planet 2, will offer deeper insight into the world of...
  13. coolsunny

    Help recovering data, Cousin formatted a drive!!!

    Hi Guys, Please suggest a good free software to recover data from a drive which was formatted yesterday. lost 50GB. he put 8 gb data there.
  14. ico

    Where is the old ThinkDigit forum?

    hmm do we really post in threads related to technology? Why not restore it back to its lost glory? We can do this easily by being active in other sections!
  15. T

    need a mobile (range 24k)

    hey guys i need a cellphone 24k range..confused b/w vivaz and satio..camera is my main priority but andoid is second in my lost..if any other options are there please suggest that also.. thanks :):razz::-P
  16. B

    Recover photos from formatted drive

    I had virus in my C drive so I formatted it . By mistake all my precious photos in MY DOCUMENT folder got lost. Now I have reloded XP.Please guide as to how can I recover my lost photos???:-o
  17. C

    Windows 7 messed up :(

    I was downloading stuff off torrents and wanted to resize a partition from 90GB to 100GB.I used Paragon Partition Manager to do so and during the operation it restarted and my pc wasn't booting after that.I lost all the data from that partition (86.4GB)! I used my ubuntu live CD and fixed the...
  18. P

    Apple ipod touch 2g 8GB

    used apple ipod touch 2nd generation for sale 8gb Price 7k not negotiable sorry i lost the ear phones my place chennai
  19. A

    Unknown icons

    I am facing a problem in windows 7. After installing win 7 and sec restart, the software like ashapmoo burning rom, utorrent etc lost their icons. I dont know how to fix it. any ideas about the problem or solution?
  20. NewsBytes

    [Preview] Lost Planet 2

      Lost Planet 2, the sequel to the popular third-person shooter, brings back the joy of controlling mech suits and killing huge, ugly creatures – and I got my hands on a preview copy!   First announced in February 2009 and set to release later this year, the sequel starts off 10 years...
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