1. chandan3

    Lost planet 2

    I hv instal lost planet on my laptop.when i clicked start option in the game,it shows window live id.and the game didnt start.ple help me guys
  2. R

    Lost Sony Xperia J

    Hey guys, my friend just lost his phone and he didn't install any such app with which he could wipe data or track. Is there STILL any way to find a lost phone when there are no such tracking apps installed .. in 2013? I heard there's a way via IMEI no. but Google isn't helping me much. Can...
  3. J

    LOST important files in comodo TIME MACHINE

    I have been successfully using Comodo time machine since last 1year. a few days back while looking for a file i recovered my past snapshot without creating a new one for my present stuff. I had turned off automatic snapshots so all files in my pc are lost. Is there any way now to recover those...
  4. D


  5. C

    Lost the password to an imp excel sheet file......!!!!

    Could anyone please tell me how to access an .xlxs file if I have lost the password ?? I tried uploading the file and viewing it online at google spreadsheet document viewer.. Wont work.. Any ideas ???
  6. P

    I lost Camera lense cap Where can i get one(panasonic FZ 150)?

    I know it sounds stupid but i lost my lens camera cap. Any good place where i can get it? I have Panasonic FZ 150. Is lens cap universal or i need to get Panasonic only. I searched the net and i got one for 12 $ i mean its so expensive considering courier charges. 12$ for a plastic thing...
  7. vamsi_krishna

    [For Sale] Nikon MH-61 Charger + EN-EL5 Battery

    Nikon MH-61 Charger + EN-EL5 Battery Expected Price: Rs 1,000 (Open for reasonable negotiation) Time of Purchase: Somewhere in 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No. Lost. Reason for Sale: Lost the camera soon after I bought these. Been biting...
  8. S

    Lost Android Device

    Guys please help my android mobile phone has been lost today in the afternoon and I want it back, is there any way to locate my phone? My Phone: Samsung Galaxy 5 (GT-I5503) Purchased: 4th July 2011(1 year and 1 month ago) It does not have any anti theft app installed in it, I think it has...
  9. N

    Open Word Monster Killing type games

    I am looking out for games (PC) which consist of an open world and include killing of monsters very similar to Lost planet 2, Darksiders...can anybody suggest some good ones?
  10. B

    Switch & Router Configuration Discussion

    I currently work for a company that plans to redesign their office networking. I have some experience in setting up VLANs, RSTP, etc. But, for complicated setups, I feel a bit lost and do not know how to do. I would like to find forums or discussion boards that specifically have interactions in...
  11. varunparakh

    Lost ASHA 200 (How to track it via IMEI)

    Hey guys, My sister lost, her Nokia Asha 200 today, she has the IMEI no with her, how do i track the phone, what measures are to be taken next. Kindly assist me with this. Waiting for your replies.
  12. A

    [Query] Lost cpu socket plastic cover

    My Maximus IV gene-z (Asus) has some problems so I was planning to RMA. It is still under warranty. I have the box and bill but I lost the plastic cover over the cpu socket. What can I do now? Is there any place I can get a replacement cover? I live in kerala by the way.
  13. A

    Lost my phone :(

    I lost my phone today.. had left it in my trousers.. mom gave it for washing to the maid.. when i returned home.. no trace.. mom doesnt know.. so obviously the maid took it.. Now, can I somehow trace the number? I do not have my IMEI noted down.. :(
  14. Alok

    Lost Planet 3

    Lost Planet 3 is an upcoming 2013 third-person shooter video game developed by Spark Unlimited and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 3 , PC and Xbox 360 . The game is the sequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Lost Planet 2 takes place on the same planet of E.D.N. III albeit before...
  15. R

    All Google Chrome Data Lost

    Just a few minutes ago my PC shut down itself and then I restarted it and connected to Internet. But then when I opened Google Chrome it said that "Unable to read User Data. All Features may not be available and settings can't be saved." All my apps and extensions are lost. Plz Help how...
  16. H

    software needed

    hi my problem is that i download games through torrent in mostly night times and in between my internet connection is lost and when i wake up i had to connect it manually and i use cdma dongle so pleese suggest me a software that can automatically connect to internet when the connection is...
  17. N

    Monitor Power Cord issue

    Hi, My BENQ monitor power cord plug is big and wont fit in regular surge protectors,nor it fits in wall socket. This is why i was using my old desktop monitor power cord which I have lost recently. Is there any way i can use the power cord that came with monitor by attaching it to some other...
  18. P

    Data crunch in C drive Help me

    I use Windows 7 OS and last night i shutdown properly. When I turned on today, all data in 'c drive downloads' was lost but space allocated to them is still present and some applications pinned in taskbar got unpinned. Mozilla's all data was also lost. I feel that windows is running in some mode...
  19. ajayritik

    Lost my mobile

    I recently lost my mobile. Most of the people I know have told its difficult getting that back. But one of my friends told that there is something called IMEI Tracker using which we can track who is using the mobile now even though he may use a new SIM with my Cell Phone. With so much advance...
  20. stonecaper

    Logical Partitions Gone

    Today Morning My WD 1TB Drive's Logical Partitions are Not Showing.It Shows as unallocated Space in Windows Disk Management. Have I Lost all the Data? Please Help
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