1. A

    Track a Laptop

    Hey guys is there any way we can track a lost laptop which follows, 1. Laptop was delivered to some one whom we do not know. 2. So a brand new laptop is lost. 3. Can we track him/her if he registers the laptop for warranty?(no one will register a stolen/free laptop :| ) 4. Can we track...
  2. warfreak

    How much does professional data recovery cost?

    My secondary hard drive(Seagate Barracuda 1TB) recently started having issues and today, it seems to have finally died. It makes a clicking noise during boot and then spins down after a while. I had already taken backup of most of my critical data but left most of my other data on the drive...
  3. G

    Lost mi piston2 want new1 under 1.5k

    M looking for new iem....lost my mi piston2... Was so happy with the performance of mi piston2 bass sound everything is damm awsm...now i want 1 step ahead of mi piston2....heard lot more about piston v3 also sony xb30, soundmagic es18s, cowon em1, sennheiser cx series, tekfusion twinforce...
  4. SaiyanGoku

    Seagate India Refund Query

    I purchased a 1 TB seagate expansion USB 3.0 drive in september 2013. I had to get it RMA'd in Spetember 2014 because it had massive amount of bad sectors. I lost around 80 GB of data. They gave me a refurbished drive. Now, the refurbished one has started to have bad sectors again and...
  5. adityak469

    Lost Phone, What To Do?

    Two days back, I lost my phone somewhere along the road. It had two SIMs in it, one on roaming and the other was local. The phone had almost everything synced with Google and had most IDs logged in from opera mini and UC. Today when i opened up gmail, i saw some of my mails were marked read so...
  6. Anorion

    Shortwave Radio

    This is a web based shortwave radio with the receiver in .nl Wide-band WebSDR in JO32KF I found some Hindi stations and lost them then listened to North Korea Radio for a while, lost station, now listening to NHK Japan 15290 kHz .... and they stopped lol. You can also listen to Numbers...
  7. giprabu

    CRT TV Remote Lost :(

    We have an old 21" onida crt tv.. The remote is lost... How to get a new cheap one ?? Model no : CO21FGLU (it was given at the back of the tv). When I googled, I got this below link http://www.ebay.in-onida-remote The first two results looks almost identical but not sure whether...
  8. topgear

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha - is a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl mod released on Apr 25, 2014. No you don't need the original game as It's a standalone full free game for all veteran stalkers to enjoy. For Source, Download and more : http://www.moddb.com/mods/lost-alpha Here's...
  9. M

    lost a Mega 5.8 i9152

    I lost my Galaxy Mega 5.8 i9152 installing a new extended battery just purchased from Mpj. Reported it immediately and it was blocked. Now I have a new Galaxy S5 and a new number. Can the old phone be used?
  10. A

    US TV SHOW : Person Of Interest

    So I was looking for something new and interesting to watch and I stumbled across this. Person of Interest (TV Series 2011 I started watching it and after catching up to the third season I realized ..."This is the best effing show I have ever watched after LOST" !!!!! Seriously...these...
  11. R

    How to recover my lost files of Outlook?

    Hi friends, i need good recovery software to easily get back lost files of Outlook. Is there any way to recover lost files of Outlook then plz share your views....
  12. windchimes

    Phone Data lost during software update

    Hello guys, This may sound so dumb. I did a software update on my old Nokia E63 which I still use. Neither there was an instruction to back up existing content ( but a warning saying "may lose data" ) and I was expecting a seamless updation. But to make matters the worst I have lost all...
  13. Ashok Verma

    Very Urgent help Needed!!

    Kindly Help to recover my very important office data files in .xls and .doc format. Actually, my office pc which is an HP Compaq 8100 Elite PC. on which i accidently run windows recovery. i kept all my data backup in a seprate partion, but after recovery the partion got merged back to the...
  14. A

    Nexus 5 available in LG Brand Shop

    Available in LG Brandshop over the counter for 29000/-! I saw big banner and entered. Manager confirmed availability. Just bought the LG G2 for 41000/- two days ago! But G2 has great feaures that will be lost if you flash a bare bones aosp nexus type custom rom. So quite happy.
  15. A

    2.1 Speakers:- Budget 8k

    I have a JBL Creature 3 which recently got bad and the subwoofer stopped producing any sound. It was also in warranty period but to avail that I need to send these to their service center via courier (which will cost me 1k + I also lost my bill). Nevertheless I plan on buying a new stereo and...
  16. Allu Azad

    BSNL loses over 12 lakh landline subscribers in June

  17. chandan3

    Lost planet 2 language problem

    Lost planet is playing in russian language .all setting subttile r russian .bt voice language is english.how to fix this???ple help me guys
  18. Knight2A4

    Far Cry 3 Lost saved Games

    Just around the corner of almost finishing the game & all of the progress that i had was lost. I did googled it n the same problem resides over other users as well but the suggestion provided where not help full. just posted if any one here has resolved it ThX ......
  19. Faun

    Hong Kong - 8 hours stay

    I will be stopping at Hong Kong during my transit. So, what should be the best way to utilize that time ? What places I can see there without getting lost :) I assume Indian citizens get 14 days without visa entry. Right?
  20. N

    how to recover lost password from microSD card in mobile ?

    does any one of you know how to recover lost password from micro-SD card ? its password was set form Nokia 2690 mobile , it fell in water and after i got it repaired i couldn't access the card . any help ? sorry if i posted in wrong section .
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