1. R

    My Documents inaccessible on reinstalling WinXP

    I had WinXP. I re-targeted My Documents to a folder called "Docu" on D:\ I had to do a fresh install of WinXP and as a result i lost C:\ contents. On completion, i tried to open D:\Docu but it said "D:\Docu is inaccessible. Access is denied". :shock: I tried retargetting My Documents to this...
  2. rajesh

    Half-Life 2: Lost Coast ( Amazing Graphics )

    Amazing Graphics :shock: For a full review hop over to HERE
  3. S

    i ve lost a file in sims 2 can anyone help plzzzzzzz

    guys me ......... i ve lost a file on my dvd disc ..... coz its little been scratched ...... u people can help me on this ...... file is object00.package ....... its just 15 mb in size its loacted in the game directory at D:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSDat\res\sims3d\...
  4. dOm1naTOr

    POPWW_no cheats???

    POP WW is really an awesome game. I heard that it doesnt accept cheats. Please refer the reviewof POPWW on FEB issue of digit(page147). Here on the bottom picture the prince is carrying the NOBLE SWORD when fighting with the lady. But that sword is lost at the beging of the game(on the ship)...
  5. expertno.1

    Fake Serial Of Quizmaster

    Hey i was very surprised of the quizmaster cd when i started its install wizard it asked me for serial so what i did was lost the palstic with the serial so what did was typed anyting of 16 digit like 1234567891234567 and it worked ! why ????????
  6. lywyre

    Partition table corrupt - Help - Urgent Please !!

    Today, I connect my HDD under Mandrake 9.2 as a slave to copy some files from the Master HDD. Seems I have screwed up things while Mounting my partitions. Now that the partition table is lost, my extended partition is not showing up in Windows. I have lot of stuff (close to 23GB) in the lost...
  7. S

    recover psd

    how can i recover my lost passwords of ms word or ms excel
  8. A


    Can Anybody Post a LINK from where i can Download The Software version for My 3D Card--[GF2 MX400/64MB TV DDR].i currently have the Hardware but i lost the Software CD.If anybody does that 4 me i will be very thankful. TNX IN ADVANCE.
  9. A

    Space Disappears

    I have a Samsung 40 GB HD. Partitioned into 18.6 & 18.6 GB. In Both Partions I selected all the files (including hidden and system) but there is a space loss in both. :( In C drive Total 18.6 GB Used...
  10. T


    one of my friend pc has developed strange problem Whenever he tries to open control panel the screen flashes for a second taskbar & every other icon are lost after 2,3seconds destop appear again but control panel never opens can anyone help me...
  11. A

    what to do when ur mobile phone is lost???

    can anyone plz tell me wat to do when ur mobile is stolen or lost??? any way to get it back??? actually I lost my Nokia 6610i n when i tried my number it comes out to be switch off!!!!! plz help!!!!!!!!
  12. mayneu

    problem installing mandrake 10.1 from iso images......

    i need to know how to install mandrake 10.1 which came in dvd feb 05, i also tried installing after burning into cds, but in vain.......... i lost 2 cds man..... manu awaits ur help guys......... :cry:
  13. tuXian

    .:: Can I change My CPanel/WebHosting Username?::.

    When I got a webhosting space my reseller didnt created the username with proper spelling. Since I had to put site urgently I didnt go for change of name. First of all can the CPanel/Hosting username be changed? If yes, then how? If it can be changed will all the settings be lost? Do...
  14. S

    FABLE COMING ON PC YEYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    The titel says it all Xbox title Fabel is now coming for the pc Tiltled Fable: The lost chapters. here are the details Taken from *www.gamespot.com/news/2005/0...ws_6120199.html
  15. S

    How to install in linux?

    hi i couldn't find aby post relating to this and even whent for search and had not much so i put this. sorry for this. ok, i am facing problems in installin g the softwares given by the digit this month. Now, somebody tell me how to do it.Also what happened...
  16. D

    problem with firefox

    ive been using firefox since a couple of months now. this one time when i opened it, it asked me to create a profile before opening the browser. i did and now all my personalised settings, bookmarks and extensions are lost. i didnt even install any extensions which could cause this to happen...
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