1. M

    How to install kali linux in asus vivobook f202e

    how do I install kali linux in asus vivobook f202e? the specs are Processor : Intel® Core™ i3 3217U 3M, 1.8 GHz Processor Operating System : Windows 8 Memory: DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, 4 GB Display: 11.6" 4:3 Glare panel Graphic: integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Storage : 500GB HDD 5400 RPM...
  2. kartikoli

    Suggest Cooperative lan games using wifi

    Yesterday i have setup lan connection using wifi (mhotspot) and installed COD 4 to play multiplayer with my brother. All went fine but i want to play campaign along with my bro not against him Is there any good FPS (or any other) game which can be played in Cooperative mode Want to refresh...
  3. D

    Router under 1k

    Hi, I have to buy one Router for my home and looking for a basic one. Please suggest a router under Rs.1000. My requirement is to connect phone and laptop. Saw these in Flipkart: TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps - 995 Netgear Wireless-N 150 Router (WNR612) - 925 Please suggest if above are...
  4. bubusam13

    Enabling Wake on LAN

    Guys, I searched the internet but not fount any good guide. I have few UATs IBM x3650 m4 servers. I have enabled wake on LAN on BIOS and Windows Server 2008. Now how to send the magic packets ? How I wake them up ? Is anything else need to be done ?
  5. D

    Mulitplayer gaming Query ???

    Guys I need to know whether I can play with my friend who has internet connection to play any game Eg. fifa 11 with me by using the lan settings of the game..(In the same way like connecting a lan cable between two PC's)
  6. B


    guys i need help i need to connect my pc and my laptop for playing games via lan and sharing data how do i do it? plz help
  7. I

    USB 3G and Lan Disconnection

    Hello, I am using 4 pc in LAN with simple 8 port switch. All are having windows 7 (x64) installed and works fine in lan. IP are set manually as to and with same Work-group When i connect Dlink 3g Dongle USB (DWM-156)to the first pc to start 3g internet,it connects...
  8. V

    Help needed about WiFi.

    Hi guys.. I need a small help.. Just I will post my question directly.. What is the way of converting a LAN internet connection to WiFi Hotspot..? I mean what is the name of the device that takes LAN connection as Input and gives WiFi hotspot as Output..
  9. omega44-xt

    Networking issue in my hostel !!

    I'm a college student, living in hostel. College provides us internet facility through LAN(no WiFi). There is one main LAN distribution box in each hostel. From there the LAN is connected to distribution boxes in each floor of hostel. The problem is my hostel building has no distribution box, so...
  10. N

    Connecting Laptops over Lan and Sharing Internet Connection

    Hello , The problem isn't big enough but still is getting on my nerves :-x:-x for I m unable to actually figure out what to do. Anyways so finally couldn't make it work , and here is the last resort .. so plz help me out . I have 2 laptops ( one running on win7 and other on win8 ). Both...
  11. evil_maverick

    ASUS Service......out of this world (PUN)

    ...My Asus RT-N1-3U-B1....purchased in May 2013..suddenly stopped working a few days back.. went to the local Asus service....they took the router and asked me to call after a week....i did..they told me to come and pick it up... but alas!! i go there and they give me a old looking...
  12. U

    Internet from datacard doesn't work when LAN is enabled

    I am unsure if this is a hardware problem or software. I am assuming it's a software based problem and so I am posting it here. I have a Huawei E303C datacard with a Docomo3G connection. When I insert the datacard to the system and connect successfully, internet works fine and I can browse...
  13. shreymittal

    Digit'ians from Delhi/NCR

    hello this is to all the people who are staying in Delhi/NCR now. we can organize a meets, lan party or we can play on net. lets Be friends..whats say :)
  14. shreeux

    Best 32" TV For Home?

    I like to buy 32" TV in Singapore because of cost is less, my relatives are there.. My preference is 1.IPS PANEL 2.To play Games through PC & PS3 also PS4 in future.. 3.To play all formats like (.avi,.mp4,m4v,mkv,iso) through USB & Ex.harddisk in FullHd also 3D Movie 4.All Connectivity...
  15. Nanducob

    How to check whether Lan card is working or not?

    Hi:) Since a week,im not able to access internet.I thought my modem must be faulty and replaced it.But still the ethernet and data leds on modem are not lightning up.I called Bsnl guys and they told that my lan card is faulty and i need to replace it.Now after searching google i found out that...
  16. newway01

    3G Dongle to LAN Connection?

    I need a router that supports usb 3g dongle for internet and then connect the same to TV lan port. Wifi is not required but if it comes with it, then its ok. So basically I need to connect my 3g dongle (Tera 3G) to my TV's rj45 port for internet access. Is there such a router? One model I came...
  17. R

    Installing Windows through LAN Boot

    Hi, as the title suggests I want the working procedure to install Windows (XP/7) by using the "Network Boot" option. What I have: 1). Two spare PC's 2). Lan cable 3). Time What I want to do: I want to make one of the PC the source of installation files that can be used by the second PC to...
  18. rakz

    Access outside LAN while connected through wireless router.

    Following is the topology of my network... My router gets a IP (DHCP) from my ISP by connecting via PPPoE. Router Gateway is My PC's LAN ip is set via DHCP to and gateway as In this case how do I access my Friend's...
  19. S

    Extend Network

    I'm connected to a lan network of my ISP and lan is connected to internet. bandwidth and authentication is provided through a software similar to sonicwall. I want to setup wi-fi and use this internet connection on multiple wireless devices as well as desktop computers . How can i do it ??
  20. omega44-xt

    Multiplayer LAN gaming problems

    My hostel is inter connected with LAN. I can see others computers connected in the LAN in "View Network Computers and Devices". When I try to play multiplayer games with my friends, "Connection Timed Out" Error shows up(One person hosts the game, others trying to join it). What could be the...
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