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USB 3G and Lan Disconnection


Broken In

I am using 4 pc in LAN with simple 8 port switch. All are having windows 7 (x64) installed and works fine in lan. IP are set manually as to and with same Work-group

When i connect Dlink 3g Dongle USB (DWM-156)to the first pc to start 3g internet,it connects properly but my other 3pc gets disconnected from network and cannot access the first PC. (other 3 can access data within themselves)

as i use the 4 pcs in LAN for my 3d max rendering work,i always need all 4 pc in network..

what can be the solution for this problem?



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when using 3g & system disconnected from network run ipconfig /all in command prompt on system & post the result.do the same when system is not using 3g & connected to the network.
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