1. patkim

    What is LAN IPv6 address?

    My Dlink router has IPv6 options. Needless to say my ISP does not offer IPv6. When I look into IPv6 options, I find an option by the name LAN IPv6 address. I am not much familiar with IPv6. What does this term mean and how it's related in IPv6 networking? Could someone help me understand...
  2. savithk

    M4N68T-M V2 not detect onboard Gigabit LAN Controller

    Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me with my problem .....well everything is work perfectly .....but recently the problem come in big way.... my system configuration... AMD Phenom II X2 555 ASUS M4N68T-M V2 Motherboard ASUS ATI Radeon EAH4350 SILENT/DI/1GD2 graphics card...
  3. R

    Routing LAN traffic to another IP

    In our office we have a LAN setup which is firewalled but a single system has an open IP, meaning there are no restrictions with respect to browsing. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter opens without any firewall filtering and all other systems connected to the LAN network has restrictions. How do i...
  4. Zangetsu

    List of LAN games on Android

    I want the list of games which can be played with Friends on LAN (Wifi/Bluetooth) the ones I know are : 1.Mini Militia (Doodle Army 2) 2.Virtua Tennis 3.Samurai Showdown 2 4.Asphalt 8 (u need a router atleast for Local-Wifi) Note : Not Online Multiplayer ones only
  5. patkim

    Spectranet ISP - Seeking clarity about their setup

    Hi.. At present I am using Youbroadband internet connection in Pune. They offered shared modem such that the cable modem is in some common area in the building and only the LAN cable enters my house. I find it better as I don’t have to maintain and operate the modem inside my house. I am likely...
  6. G

    Lan connection between winXP and win7

    Hello digit! My uncle has ethernet connected to a desktop with winXP. He recently bought a laptop which has win7 installed. He wants to connect the laptop to the internet to. The fact is I have no idea how to set up a lan connection in winXP over a modem, recently learned doing so in win7. I...
  7. mastersquall

    router for controlling speed of LAN

    Hi guys, In my office i have airtel internet connection which is shared by all pc and mobile. problem is that when i am not there most people watch youtube or etc when they are idle which i don't mind you can't keep working all day . But only issue is that due this my FUP of airtel vanished in...
  8. B

    Manage internet connections through modem

    Hello Friends, We have a TP Link modem at home. It connects to two pc's via lan and to several devices via wifi. Since the exam season is on, can we block access to one pc connected via lan and few devices connected via wifi say when the kids are supposed to be studying their rooms? The...
  9. ajayritik

    How to connect my Smart TV so that can access other devices

    I currently have Samsung Smart TV LED TV UN46D6000SF . This doesn't have inbuilt wifi however it has a provision of LAN connector in built. Some time back I had try to connect the TV to my modem using a LAN Cable however it doesn't seem to work now. Can someone please suggest what is the...
  10. C

    Connect more than 4 PC LAN

    I have BSNL broadband, using modem TP-LINK TD-W8968. I want to connect to more than 4 PC to it using LAN cable (Not WiFi). Can i buy a switch and connect it to one of the LAN ports in TP-LINK modem, then connect other PCs to Switch ? Will it work or i am limited to max of 4 PC on LAN ?
  11. K

    Is there any way to setup two different network setting on Local Area Connection

    Hi, I have two different LAN Configuration available at my office. Both connections have different IP Address, subnet mask, gateway and primary and DNS Server Settings. ONE of which is having internet access but not have connection to our office Intranet which is used for our office software...
  12. anirbandd

    RJ45 ISP cable works with Laptop, but not with Desktop

    Hi All, I have a Spectranet connection which gave us a RJ45 cable directly from the ONT box. That cable is used in a Beetel A7777 WiFi enabled router for providing internet access to all wireless device in our home. I used an HP Pavilion G6-2303TX Laptop, which used to detect the internet...
  13. S

    Router and Switch Configuartion

    Hi Guys I have TP-Link Router 3G/4G Wireless N Router TL-MR3420 - Welcome to TP-LINK . I am planning to buy a Gigabit Switch TP-Link 10/100/1000 Mbps 5 Ports Gigabit Desktop Switch (TL-SG1005D) - Buy @ Rs.1445/- Online | I have NAS setup at home which currently has 4PCs...
  14. N

    Interfacing nighthawk with adsl modem

    Hi, i am buying Netgear Nighthawk model for internal LAN connections. i already have a adsl model of 150mbps from airtel. as netgear do not have tri-band models in adsl, i have to buy a router. the issue is if i interface tri-band 2 gbps bandwidth router with 150mbps adsl modem, what...
  15. F

    Hosting LAN party

    Can someone please provide some basic information on hosting LAN party. Please also suggest a router capable of supporting 4 players.
  16. anandharaja

    LAN to WIFI converter

    Hi, i have normal ADSL router from BSNL, now i need a wifi signal to use phones and laptop. is there any adapter available to convert lan to wifi, or i need to purchase the new router?
  17. S

    Faulty router...

    Hi all, iam using the dlink dir 605l router got the last 6 months. Off late it is not connecting to the intended connections. I am based at kolkata and I use alliance broadband, which is a static IP cable broadband connection. The connection from outside comes to the Internet port of the...
  18. A

    Internet Surfing Problem

    I am having Broadband connection,Which is connected through a ADSL modem (D Link DSL 2520U) and by using a WiFi Router (NetGear JNR1010) i have made the LAN connection. But i have noticed that when i connect my LAN cable directly to the modem i works fine but when i made a WAN connection using...
  19. L

    sharing using wifi

    hey i have a net gear n 150 wireless router and i am able to share files between my laptop and my smartphone using es file explorer on my phone but now i changed my router to tp link n 150 wireless router and now i am not able to do the same it is not showing my computer on the lan page i even...
  20. L

    Can't get the "send to" shortcut working

    I can use ES File explorer fine. I can also go to "lan" and it always sees a drive I have attached to my router. It never sees the other computers, I always have to press "scan". I can then see everything I want to, however, it is MUCH easier to use the "send" command. There is even a new...
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