1. A

    finding the ip of accesspoint in wireless lan

    our institution has a wireless lan built in the campus for providing data services.Sometimes,it so happens that users are not able to connect to internet using any one of the access point even after connecting to the ap.(it shows "access local only").For troubleshoting the problems we require...
  2. G

    Cannot Share Two PCS via LAN

    Cannot Share PCs via LAN Hello Friends, I have two PCs running Windows XP Pro SP2 and Windows Server 2003. Both PCS are LAN Card installed. When I want to connect both PCs via LAN Cable, the connection could not be established and I am unable to share file on both PCs. What I have done me...
  3. digit i am thinking

    Not able to set LAN Clients on Dlink GLB 502T

    hi I can't set LAN Clients on my router. I entered all values IP Address , host name , mac address then i clicked on apply it says "ERROR found on page" some times it says invalid IP. Even though i entered right on ( I have disabled dhpc. What is the prob. Help me plz
  4. V

    Internet sharing for 5800 and Ipod

    Guyz...this prblm again started with me after i reformatted my pc and changed my ISP...:-x:-xCurrently using Win-XP SP3 as my OS and tata indicom broadband as my ISP. My ISP provides me with a static ip address. Now my desktop is connected to the internet through wired lan. I also gt myself...
  5. R

    Simplest Remote access in LAN

    What would be the simplest way to setup remote access among PCs in a LAN? I would like to avoid moving from PC to PC to do some setup work or checking backup. Thanks Ramesh
  6. ramprasad

    LAN Cable and Wireless Router

    Hi I have internet connection in a LAN Cable and a WiFi enabled laptop. Can anyone tell me as how to access the internet thru WiFi.? I do not prefer to access it just connecting in the LAN port, because I want mobility. Thanks
  7. V

    bsnl bb lan problem

    guys i have bsnl bb, in morning most times lan connects with either limited connectivity or the icon showing lan connectivity shows x sign , after 12pm lan connects most time the problem occurs in morning ,i called bsnl cc many times they manually configured my ip add then lan does connect but...
  8. S

    Monitoring Internet Bandwidth in a LAN

    Hi all, I have a Airtel Broadband connection that I am using in my Office. The office computers are connected by LAN and I also have a Wireless Router (Netgear, Wireless G router WGR614 model) that I am using for connecting a couple of Laptops with the network. Currently, I am using a...
  9. thetechfreak

    BSNL Internet

    I have a laptop with a LAN port and RJ11 Port... HOw to connect BSNL Broadband through LAN or RJ11 to use broadband?? Thanks in advance
  10. quan chi

    lan setup help.

    hi guys. i reinstalled my os or formatted my c: drive.and configured my net connections.i can connect to the net.but my lan connection shows this.earlier berfore the reformat it wasnt showing this message. it used to show 'connected' only why 'limited or no connection' now i...
  11. quan chi

    net speed problem.whose fault it is?suggestions required

    guys i have a dial up type lan internet(broadband) connection.usually i get 57-67 kbps download speed.and as soon as i press dial within a fraction of a second i get connected to the network. yeseterday i uninstalled my grapics driver and removed the lan wire from my after...
  12. Raptor1989

    Creating a home network using LAN and WLAN connectivity in Siemens SL2_141 ADSL Modem

    Hi folks, I am using the BSNL Dataone UL750+ plan with the Siemens SL2_141 ADSL Modem for 3 months now and I am happy to say that I am satisfied with my connection. However, I am a gaming freak and also have massive volumes of data transfer among friends, which is often quite not helpful with...
  13. D

    video conferencing over LAN

    hi everybody, need some guidelines regarding videoconferencing over a LAN nwtwork in our hospital. tried using windows media encoder; two problems 1. doesnt seem to work without a net connection on 2. good for only broadcasting. we need two way audio conferencing as well along with one way...
  14. S

    cant access lan systems in my xp!!!!!! please help.

    i am working on a winxp sp2 system with a Wireless Router(NETGEAR).I can access all my systems in the lan, but the LAN systems cannot access my system.PLease help. I have checked with Zone Alarm Firewall disabled, still not working Please help
  15. ashu888ashu888

    How to: Connect 2 PC's (in same room) for LAN gaming, Internet & Data Transfer

    Hey guys, I think the question of the thread is preety simple.. :) but yes, the problem is that i hv got no idea abt networking stuff (h/ware) so dnt kne wat things are reqd. Here is the scenario, 1.) I want a LAN Connectivity b/w my 2 systems (PC's) in my own single room separated by a...
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