1. omega44-xt

    Multiplayer LAN gaming problems

    My hostel is inter connected with LAN. I can see others computers connected in the LAN in "View Network Computers and Devices". When I try to play multiplayer games with my friends, "Connection Timed Out" Error shows up(One person hosts the game, others trying to join it). What could be the...
  2. S

    Will I need two resident evil 6 (PC) game-keys to play LAN offline coop with my brother?

    Hi, I'm planning to pre-order Resident evil 6 (PC) and play it in LAN coop with my brother. Will I need two game-keys for that? or will just one game-key suffice? I don't wish to play it online multiplayer because my internet is not fast. I'm just talking about LAN coop, does that need two...
  3. D

    Asus Gaming Laptop G73JH (17 Inch 1080p) Used

    It is a used one from UK. my friend will be bringing it. it will cost me an amount of 40k. So should i by it or not? this baby looks like a fighter plane. No joke looks sexy. Specifications Intel® Core™ i7-720QM processor 1.60 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz (Quad Core, 6Mb cache) Main...
  4. M

    32 inches tv help

    hi guys i want to buy new LED TV i got arround 40k to spend on it can adjust +5k if needed Which one is best buy my requirement is full hd really amazing colors ips like viewing angles 3d not necessary lan smart tv- internet youtube , main mkv and avi playable usb support please...
  5. gagan_kumar

    how to use the adsl model as the router to play lan games...

    hi all i have mtnl adsl2+ modem can i use it as a router to play lan games if so can someone tell me what to change in config?? here is the screen....
  6. Sudh4r

    Network Cable Unplugged

    My Friend has a LAPTOP. OS : WIN 7/XP Professional Service Pack 2. Connection Type : Wired NIC : REALTEK RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC We have a Airtel Broadband Connection in our apartment. From Win 7 he is able to go online, however from XP he is not able to. It always...
  7. L

    Minecraft connection problem

    cannot connect through lan in minecraft.
  8. gxsaurav

    ADSL Modem + Router needed

    First of all I am a networking noob. My knowledge is limited enough to identify which cable goes where. That is all. So, I need to give a Wireless ADSL2+ Modem at home for my family to use BSNL broadband. I have seen many of this type which take input as Phone cable (RJ 15) and then give 4...
  9. T

    connecting pc and laptop

    I have win xp sp2 pc and win7 laptop. I have a bsnl wi-fi modem in bridge mode. Is there a way to transfer files using the wi-fi LAN link ?
  10. M

    Connecting euipment on LAN to computers on Wireless LAN

    I am writing this from the ship and we are sailing and not very computer / networking literate. Need your help. All computers on board are connected to one another by wireless LAN connection and all are working well. The master communications computer is connected to the Satellite terminal...
  11. R

    Creating a CS 1.6 LAN Server with restrictions

    Hi can someone tell me how to create a LAN server in counter strike 1.6 with restrictions such as players are only allowed to buy pistols (ofcourse with sec ammo) inorder to practice with pistols alone. I also want to know how can i restrict my friends from using wall hacks or auto aim hacks...
  12. S

    TP - LINK MR3020 Router - will it work with wimax?

    Hi, Can someone answer me if this router will work with outdoor BSNL Wimax equipment , the adapter for which has 2 ports (POE where the cable from the wimax box is input AND another LAN port ) TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router | Router | Thanks .
  13. satyadeep

    Creating LAN Booting network?

    I have lan with 3pcs and i want to share internet over all of them. My server conf. is Proccessor 2.8GHz Dual core Ram 1GB ATI onboard Motherboard Intel 2 Clients conf. is Proccessor P4...
  14. K

    how to connect two laptops with one lan connection

    I and my roommate are facing problem as we both have laptops ,but our room has been provided with a single LAN port(connection). Suggest any way so that we can both use the same lan connection at the same time.
  15. anky

    establishing lan network for 2 laptops

    hello everyone, i have a simple lan among my two laptops (both running windows 7 home premium 64 bit), but now i can only transfer files from one laptop to another's c drive only(users public folder), if i want to copy the files directly to some other drive(say G drive) can i do it? if yes...
  16. D

    Fiber Optic VS CAT5e

    i am having few questions.. and i am looking for some answers 1. where fiber-optic cables are normally used? can we use them in LAN environments? 2. what are the challenges a user or company will face when upgrading network from CAT5e or CAT6 to fiber optic? 3. if yes.. how a user would...
  17. R

    Home Network Configuration

    Dear friends, I know little bit about Computer Networks. But practically founding it difficult to configure my home Network with products from market. Let put my requirements: (What exactly to buy for my specific need ) I Have, 1) Tikona Wired Internet Connection (With Ethernet cable - Rj45...
  18. A

    How good is this pc ???

    Dell vostro desktop Configuration: Intel core i3 2nd Gen 2120/chip set mb 500gb hdd 2gb ram DVD burner 18.5 inch Tft USB KB+mouse LAN Win7hb 3yr warranty Price 36000 Is it a good PC for its price Ps- Don't suggest me to go for a assembled PC as my dad will never go for it
  19. amjath

    Existing BSNL Broadband multiple connection query

    Hi I have a UTSTARCOM modem purchased from BSNL which is connected to my Router ASUS RT-N13U. I have UL750 :-x connection. I know it can handle 2 connections [1 Wired and 1 Wireless/Wired]. Devices to be connected: 2 Pc's LAN Connection 1 Smartphone 1 Smart TV all connected using ASUS...
  20. mandarpalshikar

    Bad experience with Tikona

    I've been having a lot of problems with Tikona (speeds dropping frequently, bad ping times, etc.) but this one is really causing some pain to me. Since Saturday 22nd Sept my connection is down. My PC shows network as disconnected. I tried changing the LAN cable and also trying with my Laptop...
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